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Day 5!

So after a day out yesterday including a five guys and some hot and sour soup from the Chinese lastnight I have woke up eager to continue to stick to plan!

Even with my five guys and soup I kept within my calorie allowance. Super chuffed!

Today will consist of a walk along the river with the hubby and kids, a donder into town to purchase new trainers for my wee boy then the dreaded food shop! I'm actually excited about my foodshop lol there's lots of things I wanna get which get :)

Have a great Sunday guys xx

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a wee tip - make a shopping list and stick to it and also make sure you are not hungry when you go shopping :)

Have a great day :)


Hey Pickle and well done for sticking to your calories, even with trying circumstances! :)

I agree with Hidden about making a list, I find if I don't all sorts of things end up in my cart, which is bad for my wallet as well as my waistline. :O

I also make sure I know what meals I'm making during the week, which helps with making my list. I bought Delia's Vegetarian Collection at Oxfam on Friday (£1.99!) and there's loads of recipes I'm looking forward to trying out this week. And with my husband gone for 4 days I can have a vegetarian extravaganza without him complaining about a lack of meat! ;)


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