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How to dress

After a weight loss I am considering updating wardrobe and moving from baggy pants and tea shirts to something more up to date. I am 60 plus and it is a long time since I bought anything special. Any ideas folks re shops and current trends. Don't want clothes more suitable for 14 year olds but at same time I am not yet ready for the old folks nylon cardigan. Thanks a lot for any ideas and suggestions.

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Hi Rossie, if you live near one, Debenhams have a personal shopper service that you can book in advance. This gives you opportunity to try different styles than you would normally choose, in the comfort of a large changing room with armchair. I found it great when I booked a slot in Oxford Street last year. They can help both men and women. They selected a few different items for my husband who was waiting for me. Cheers Sarah


Hi Rosie,

Congrats on your weight loss💐

I love shopping and like Sarah73uk said Debenhams have a fab personal shopper service. Why not have a look through store websites and magazines and make a list of what you like then plan a shopping trip with an honest friend?

Think outside the box, what did not look good before could now and most of all enjoy😀

Look forward to hearing /seeing the results


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Hi.I'm 64 and still find suitable clothes in New Look.Keep your options open and good luck.x

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Thanks for all helpful replies. I used to love New Look but normally quicken my step when passing now but will def. have a look. Love the idea of personal shopper. thanks a million


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