A weeks work undone in two weeks :(

So, in the first week of joining here I lost 4lbs and visited the site frequently and spent a lot (probably too much) reading lots of entries which really motivated me. Then I went on a conference and was trying so hard to be sensible, no snacks etc. and marvelling at how well I was doing without crips and choc and feeling generally less 'icky'. Since being back, I have not watched my cals as I knew I was going to be over for the day by about 8am and for some reason I gave myself licence to eat LOTS of cheese sandwiches and nibbles and I feel awful - permanently greasy in my mouth. I tentatively weighed myself only to find that in 2 weeks I have put that 4lb back on. Gutted. Not surprised, and should probably be grateful it wasn't more, but gutted non the less. Now I am really struggling to find the motivation to do it despite starting every day thinking 'this is the day'..... Hols in about 6 weeks, back in Dec I was hoping to be 2st lighter by this point. Has even put me off going to a reunion for somewhere I used to work as I would need to severly cut calories and just can't face that. Whinge over, must pick myself up and get on with it, just needed to vent in the hope it kick starts me!


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  • Hello!

    I so understand where you are coming from. I have often blown it early in the morning and then just eaten ridiculous amounts of rubbish food the rest of the day. Silly isn't it?

    I only joined this forum in last few weeks and I am still getting to grips with it but, it really is comforting to know that there are people in the same position as me.

    Put it all behind you. It's another start but, so what! I wish you loads of luck. You can do it!

  • Well done for posting that rcut

    I'm sure you've read it all here before but call this your day 1 and forget about everything that's gone before.

    It looks like you understand the various points where you may have strayed. Step back and think about how you can prevent each pitfall from occurring again. If you're cal counting like me, then that speaks for itself. There isn't really a short term solution. In my case I've almost always written my calories down before consuming them. I've taken food off my plate a number of times when I realised how much I was about to consume.

    We all hit rocky points along the way, planning to recognise and deal with them the next time is how we step out of the loop.

    Good luck!

  • We all have days like this, don't forget we are human :) With every hiccup we learn something new. Don't give up!

  • Well done for venting.. now that's done, start to put that energy into moving forwards again. You've proved you can do it and it works...

    That is, it works as much as we work if that makes sense.

    Many have followed the 12 week program and made a success of it, but it takes effort to change old habits.. None of us gained or held the weight overnight, and none can lose it that fast.

    This is certainly tried, tested and proven to be popular, workable and free... Lots of support too.

    Start again and regain your loss to move it to a lower number.

  • Thanks everyone, you have put a perspective on it - today is day 1. No drastic cal dropping for me, I am aiming for 1600-1700 today and hope to lose 1lb next week. If slowly does it, then slowly it must be and one day I may be able to say how pleased I am to have changed my eating habits/exercise habits for good!

  • I no it's not easy we all have days like that I put 2 stones back on but I am so with it to lose this weight that why I found this nhs site to get my weight off good luck I will look out for your up date post

  • hi rcut and welcome. I find that holding myself accountable for what I eat is easier than beating myself up about it. what is done is done so now just try to get back to your healthy lifestyle and get that greasy taste out of your mouth! I hate that too. also forgiving yourself is the hardest thing to do for yourself and the one thing you must do. and never drastically cut calories, that leads to overeating probably a lot too. I think that when I restrict myself from eating something, the more I want that one thing. so I do not say I cannot have this or that but that I will eat it at the table with no distractions and enjoy some of what I want. this helps me from overeating and sometimes just bringing it to the table will keep me from eating it in the first place. good luck and chin up!

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