SOS sweet craving - group support needed

Hi friends,

For 20 min I have a huge urge, this sweet craving that was triggered by biscuits/cakes/cookies displayed at kitchen.

I ate my Greek salad for lunch, I am drinking black coffee (with 1 sugar). I walked in the sun a little. But my brain fixed on that table full of goodies and Nutella jar that I have at home (my partner's SOS / PMS jar).

I already ate 1 oatie biscuit thr wasn't in schedule. I have dried cranberries and Brazil nuts next to me, but I am afraid I won't be able to stop before end of package.

Thank you moreless for your support till this point. When I finish coffee I want to take chewing gum hoping it would help a little. The problem is in my brain :(

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24 Replies

  • Can you just go out Iga, or get in a bubble bath, or paint your toenails, or visit a friend, make a phonecall? Anything that will take you away from temptation until the cravings subside.

  • I am at work right now. I still have my green smoothie in front of me. I took chewing​ gum, drank some water. I'm trying​ to think about work. So far so good :)

    Straight after work, I'll walk the dog, then go running, put rice on the stove for dinner, do laundry, hopeing it will be enough to keep myself away from temptations. However, there still will be this period of waiting for rice when I will be very hungry.

  • Put on the rice, go for a run, come back, eat the rice, go for a walk, put the washing machine on, go for a shower, hang the laundry/put laundry in tumble dryer, prepare meals for tomorrow, do the ironing, go to bed! :)

    Just fill every minute, so that there's no time to think about food :)

  • I was trying to fill every minute. That's why I will start the laudnry before walk. Walk has to be one of the first things, as my dog cannot make it longer than over 8 hours (my work), and I cannot run with her before she goes for some loo, sniffing breaks, and some play with running to make her a little tired ;)

    I don't know why, but I don't feel comfortable with leaving boilib rice without watching for over 30 min of my run. Sometimes it does like to boil out :(

    BUT you gave me great idea of going to shower when it is steadily cooking :) so the dangerous time will pass faster :)

    Thank you

  • I'm glad we came up with a plan between us :)

  • Any ideas about late evening? Around 9-ish when I'll be probably relaxing while watching some film or TV show?

    I know it's too late for eating anything, so I'll try to keep myself full woth water and herbal teas (green / peppermint / camomile - whatever I will fancy at that time). But how to stop my brain thinking aboit this sweet calorie bomb?

  • I'm not sure there's anything that can stop you thinking about sugar, but if it gets too bad, then you have to forego the film/TV show and get active! Run up and down the stairs 10 times, then have a bath, or think of something that you really hate doing, so that if you start to crave sweet stuff, you 'punish' yourself with the horrible task. Maybe then, you'll retrain your brain to think that sugar is bad :)

  • IgaT honestly just come round to mine...... I've soooo many jobs you could do here !

    Don't you dare go near that junk food... Stay strong :)

  • I have loads to do, juat not enough power/energy and some of the things are on my laptop. I used to snack while working on computer / laptop, and they used to be very bad comphy choices.

    I managed to snack only 3 Brazil nuts and couple of dried cranberries. Thank to all of you, and my sinking into job, I stayed out of that table in kitchen. Yey!!! Thank you!!!

    Now, keeping myself away from Nutella jar at home. My cravinh is much smaller now, but it's still there :/

  • You are brilliant, well done !

  • Thank you :)

    It was very hard fight. And without all your amazing comments, I'd make it.

    Now time for delicious dinner that I hope will be enough to keep me away from anything else :)

  • Excellent advice 😊

  • get some licorice root. It's basically like a dry twig that you chew/suck on, that gradually emits a sweet licoricey taste but you aren't actually ingesting anything. Its what we had as sweets as kids (back in ye olden days). You can get it in Health food shops, Holland & Barret's etc

  • Love this idea !

  • This is a brilliant tip! I'm off to Holland and Barrett's! Thank you!! :)

  • Could help with my dogs breath ??? 😆. Just to be clear my dog Buddy !,

  • LOL!! :D

  • Thanks, I'll try to find it in shops around me ;)

  • be warned it is a bit like chewing a bit of old wood at first. And for quite a while, but then the flavour does eventually come out. And your jaws ache so much you don't want to eat anything at all.

  • Remember that it can take as little as 10 days for new habits to form, soon you will be out of the sweet and evening nibbling habit 😊

  • I hope it will be true for me ;)

  • IgaT you shall overcome! I love your deliberate actions to keep your mind off the sugar, truly inspiring.

  • Of course it will!! Keep the faith 😊

  • I mist be in some detox period or something, as I still crave sweets. I've just (15min ago) eaten my smoothie, but my stomach thinks I'm hungry and want something sugary :(

    I managed not to take anything from kitchen :) but my day at work will be less busy then yesterday - just reading​ huge SOP file that is like a torture, but the deadline for confirmation is approaching.

    For the evening, if I'd be desperate I have 10% dark chocolate. I am worried about time at work. Even the thought that I cannot eat those things as I become lactose intolerant very recently is not helping. I know I will feel terrible, physically not only mentally/emotionally, but it doesn't stop my brain of trying to figure out the way to eat it or rather to persuade me. Tham, I build some strong cookie monster inside me :P

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