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Breakfast inspiration?

LaurenS911 stone

I recently started to try to improve how and what I eat. The one area I have struggled with is breakfast. I stopped eating breakfast way back in 2005 as a teenager as I was always in a rush first thing in the morning. It then became a habit, which out of laziness I have never been bothered to fix.

I have now just started eating it again but all I have been able to manage is a plain crumpet or a banana.

I'm looking for breakfast ideas to get me back into enjoying this meal as right now it still feels like a chore. Hopefully eating a good balanced breakfast will cause me to snack less!

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If you look at the daily diary posts you will get lots of ideas for breakfast as well as all other meals.


I suggest you join the Daily Diary, Lauren, for dozens of different ideas and look in the Recipes/Meals/Snacks Topic :)


Have a look at the breakfast ideas on the Change4Life Smart Recipes app. My favourite is the French toast and fruit, (made with fruit loaf dipped in egg, dry fried, served hot with strawberries and a dollop of Greek yogurt or creme fraiche). Delicious!


I have always struggled with breakfast too LaurenS91 but I now really enjoy my breakfast because I eat late, between 9-10am (after a normal 6.30-7am start). I also find because I don't nibble in the evenings I am hungry by this time. When I was working I would eat my breakfast at morning break. I really do find I eat less throughout the day if I have a good breakfast, but some people cope fine, it's finding what works for you 😊.

Avocado on whole meal toast with a poached egg on top.

(When I am feeling indulgent and allowing myself toast)

Ceals3 stone in reply to Rignold

Yum! I have the same on slices of griddled/grilled/fried aubergine.

Rignold3kg in reply to Ceals

good call. will try that. Thanks


"Dippy Eggs" are my favourite 😁 or scrambled with smoked salmon . When I started my weightloss I switched from cereal to eggs , or avocado, greek yoghurt and it satisfied me right through the morning. Suddenly the old elevenses biscuit habit was a thing of the past. Ive been maintaining my bmi ( 22.) for two years now and my breakfasts have made that so much easier.

Beth_19Healthy BMI

overnight oats are my go to breakfast now. Make it the night before and you just grab it out the fridge the next morning, can even take it with you if you have stored it in a lidded container.

Hidden in reply to Beth_19

I do this to and there's so many different ideas for adding to it, fruit, spices, honey, seeds, yogurt or milk, I never get bored with it xx

Beth_19Healthy BMI in reply to Hidden

exactly, its delicious

Skyr yoghurt with blueberries, strawberries with a banana sliced on top. I get the yoghurt and fruit ready the night before in a pot in the fridge. I use frozen berries which thaw in the fridge overnight. Slice the banana on top in the morning (tried doing it the night before but it goes mushy). Then lid back on and eat at work. I find it really tasty and filling.

HealthierlinRestart Dec 2019

I don’t eat breakfast, I fast for 16hours every day from 8pm to 12pm so most of it is sleeping, I find if I eat breakfast it starts my need for food off so starting eating at 12 and finishing at 8pm has helped me to lose loads of weight and feel great 👍

Nina92020 June

20g Porridge oats soaked in milk or water overnight. In the morning - grate one apple with peel on so you don't lose the fibre, berries, plums , in fact any fruit you fancy with chopped nuts on top. You can vary the fruits but the oats, apple and nuts are the base ingredients. This combination is very filling for me but you can add cream or plain unsweetened yoghurt . I eat this 5 times a week and really enjoy it.

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