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Hi everyone

I've just joined the group I had gastric by pass surgery in Nov 2015 and at present I've lost 10stone but not with out excess skin as other will probly know. My consultant says ask the doc my doc says ask the consultant and so on .

On the 23rd may I had my Gaul bladder removed due to weight kiss and bladder problems then 6 days later I was BK in surgery after going to my doc 3x in a week in agony and I was admitted and scanned and they found a large hematoma in my tummy from the 1st opp!!!!!

So I've been through the mill a bit.

Do I have a case to claim ?

Also after my Gaul bladder surgery my doc said she would see if I qualify for skin removal any ideas?


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Hi harshabis123

I'm not sure we are the right place to be asking, we are mainly ordinary people on a weight loss/healthy eating change for life forum (basically we support each other on our journey to lose weight)

Maybe the citizens advice bureau or a solicitor would be more appropriate

Sorry and good luck xx

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Thank u

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Sorry, harshabis123, we can't help you with this, Hidden has given you the best advice.

Good luck.

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