This week, I am going to..... plan!

This week, I am going to..... plan!

After my successful weight loss last week (2.2lbs) I have already completed my food diary for the coming week and thought I'd share it with you.

I tend to have just two meals a day (that's just how I prefer to split my calories).

Please note that I am on a very low calorie allowance as I am very short (4ft 9) and sedentary because of disability. For week days, I aim for around 800 - 1,000 calorie. At weekends it tends to creep a little higher! Those days where the calories are around 500-600 - it's likely that I'll use extra calories as the week goes, so I will end up nearer to 800 on average.

I hope that this demonstrates just how well one can eat on a fairly low calorie allowance!


MONDAY: Lunch 100g cottage cheese and 100g tinned mango = 230 cals, dinner 4 x Mor Mediterranean Chicken Chipolatas and homemade ratatouille = 253 cals

Teas and coffees = 108 cals TOTAL : 524 calories

TUESDAY: Lunch half a tin of tuna in oil (drained), 1 hard boiled egg, salad with olives and beetroot and mayonnaise = 390 cals

Dinner Mixture of julienned courgette and 31g egg noodles. Mixed with fried chopped shallot (using olive oil), 100g jumbo prawns, lemon juice and zest, freshly chopped mint, a pinch of chilli flakes and some creme fraiche stirred through. = 380 calories.

Teas and coffees = 108 cals TOTAL : 878 calories


Brunch 2 boiled eggs = 166 calories

Dinner: Chunky breaded cod fillet, celeriac chips and green beans, tartare sauce. = 307 calories

Teas and coffees = 108 cals TOTAL : 580 calories


Lunch 100g cottage cheese with 175g of tinned pears in juice = 176 calories

Dinner: Homemade beef chilli con carne with cauliflower rice and 30g of soured cream = 299 calories

Out in the evening to theatre ICE CREAM 😋= 200(?) cals

Teas and coffees = 108 cals TOTAL : 783 calories


Lunch out with a friend to a local pub, Spicy Vietnamese king prawn and rice noodle salad with peanuts, mint, coriander and a chilli and lime dressing (estimate 373 cals) Drink, soda water with lime cordial. = 385 calories

Dinner: Sea bass fillet with new potatoes and peas, butter & olive oil for cooking. = 396 calories

Teas and coffees = 108 cals TOTAL : 888 calories


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24 Replies

  • Great to see a well planned week, Thank you Pineapple27 - your posts and replies are very encouraging and helpful.

  • I think you do very well, given your limitations

  • Your meal looks tasty as always Pineapple27 It is so good to see a well planned week full of healthy meals.

    I only ever plan the day but maybe it's better to plan the week instead I might give this a go to help me back on track this week. I have well and truly fell off the wagon this weekend head first!! Not good at all but I know why.

  • Hope everything's ok x

  • Hopefully it will be, just a bit stressful at the moment. xx

  • Take care x

  • Oh dear. We all have times when it's harder to stick to plans...

    I usually just plan one day at a time, but this week and for the next two, I'm minimising the food we buy ahead of a two week holiday and our kitchen being replaced.

  • We do. I will plan my day better tomorrow.

  • great menu Pineapple27

  • Loads of food in fridge; planning is a good idea. I have to eat something but can't stand to eat first thing if have had dinner night before so tend to have oats at work with natural yogurt and a date or two. Lunch is derived from fridge; protein (various) and salad/green beans is the basis. Then dinner is dictated by whether I'm going to the gym or not. Would be good to be as organised as you, but I just wouldn't! So I follow a loose theme instead. Big thing is not to slip and drink. Seem to be holding off tonight which is good, but after last night and previous it's only really fair to my liver. Have a good week!

  • Alcohol fuelled munchies can undo all previous efforts. Yes, usually we have salad lunches, dinner with plenty of veggies or salad stuff.

  • I read this with interest as MFP tells me I should have 1390 calories to lose half a pound a week, I'm maintaining but wouldn't mind losing another 2/3 pounds. Fish, being low calorie, seems to feature a lot but I cant really eat it, except tuna. Love that you have a weeks plan in place already, just taken me an hour to sort out my plan for tomorrow ready for the daily diary and eat a rainbow! Enjoy the theatre and your lunch date!

  • Planning a whole week takes time, but the diary I use has all my favourites entered, somthings like my breakfasts tend to be copied from other days. I copy my hot drinks over the same way.

    It's not set in stone. I can easily swap things around, add or delete. It also means that we are using up things we have in the freezer rather than buying even more to try and fit in the none existent space - it's like a jigsaw sometimes!

  • Thank you for this clear plan. I think it is so good

  • I so admire your ability to plan ahead

  • I'm not always this good! Determined to make an extra push to get my weight down as far as I am able to ahead of a 2 week holiday on 21st June!

  • You are great getting a weeks food planning done it takes me all my time to get 1 days done can never make my mind up. Well done

  • I have been logging my food for over 5 years now. I use an on-line food diary and database, so it has become much easier. Success for me is knowing exactly where I am in terms of the calories I am consuming. If I log, am over my calories for the week, I can almost certainly predict a weight gain and can either work to avoid that, or better understand my weight gain and accept it... then move on to a better week.

  • I will up-date you all as my week progresses!

    A plan is one thing, but sticking to plan is the next bit that needs to be implemented. A plan is worth nothing at all if you don't stick to it as far as possible.

    I do have a little leeway - for example, the ratatouille recipe that we are using tonight will alter slightly, as we weigh / measure all of the ingredients as they go into the pan - and there is some tomato puree that needs to be used up which wasn't in the original recipe!

  • I am trying to plan at least 4 or 5 evening meals in advance before I shop. And it is useful like you say to use up what's in the fridge and freezer. We don't have a very big kitchen or fridge and apace is at a premium, so good planning is extra useful, and we save money too. A win/win situation 😊

    Good post Pineapple27 😊

  • Think I need to change my mindset. I am reluctant to plan I think because I have no routine for anything and having retired I think I would be setting myself up for problems if I didn't stick to it. It's a sort of all or nothing scenario. I have the grandchildren three and half days per week. We tend to picnic all year round and spend as much time as possible outside. I lead a very non organised life. Avoid clocks and love spontaneity. This has obviously contributed greatly to my weight gain. However I do feel that the forum has given me a real interest in healthy eating. People are so knowledgeable and encouraging. Onwards and downwards for sure.

  • I am guilty of being super organised I'm afraid! Partly I thing because of my disability. When I make plans to go on holiday, for example, I have to ensure that wherever I am going will be accessible, that I have booked a wheelchair accessible transfer, etc, etc. But in my home, as I rely on other people doing things for me, there is a place for everything - string, scissors, wrapping paper.... so that if I require someone to go and get something for me, I can direct them precisely -"In the third dressing table drawer down - front left corner"!!!

    One of my sisters is exactly the same!

    I'm wondering if it's as a result of my Mum being quite disorganised when we were younger - losing pieces of paper, her car keys, etc..... :D :D

  • A middle ground is possible Cavend15h, if you have plenty of fresh healthy produce to choose from 😊 I'm a little like Pineapple. Living in a small cottage everything has to have its place. But planning is also fun. Researching recipes, trying new foods etc 😊

    Onwards and downwards 😊

  • Well, my first evening meal was a great success. Ratatouille at 150 cals and 4 x Mor chicken chipolatas with a big glass of water = 306 calories. :D

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