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A long journey towards healthy weight (2nd stage) week 3 review

Hi everyone,

Hope you all survived Monday!

I did well, under 1400 kcal, quite a change from last week, which wasn't good.

I put on 0.6kg, bring me to 57.7kg. Why? I didn't quite stick to calories count, eating out with my aunt etc. The biggest reason was emotional eating.

I've had an uneasy relationship with my mum. While I don't want to bore you with my life story, I think it's important I recoganise how this affect me negatively when it comes to mental well being, and my mental well being consequently affect my physical well being.

My attitude now is recognise I may never find easy to be around my mum, but she's my mum and she did a lot of things right when I was young. Her intentions are good, and she suffers from depression herself. The best I can do is to

1. appreciate all the good things my mum has done for me, and tell her that whenever talk to her

2. always do what makes me happy, and tell her in order to be a happy person I have to do things right for me

I now decide to join Tanja's happiness challenge. I must say it's such a bless we have her running this on the forum, as so many of you, active members and administrators with all the ideas, challenges, weigh in etc.

Have a great week!

Jane xxx

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I don't know how many calories you should be having every day but I do know that if you are not having somewhere in between the amounts advised by the NHS bmi calculator you do struggle to lose weight and can also sometimes put weight on. 1400 calories isn't always enough for people although it varies on your current weight and height how much would be enough. When I joined I was eating too little amounts and this was why I wasn't losing weight and sometimes putting weight on. When I ate the amount advised I started losing weight and have now lost 2st so far. Good luck with your journey.

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Thanks, and well done on losing 2 stone, wow!

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