Scaling the heights - mini challenge

Scaling the heights - mini challenge

Took a break from digging to have a swing at the top of the garden. Just as well the photo is taken in the shade as it hides all the dirt I'm covered in. OK so it might only be about 3 metres off the ground but it feels much higher! It's an eat from the garden day today I'm sitting here getting stuck into muesli and strawberries I picked this morning. Then this afternoon were having roast chicken with our own broad beans and calabrese just picked plus roast squash from last year's harvest. Chicken is from Lidl I hasten to add - not one of my hens :)


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15 Replies

  • Loving it and looks like great fun too, who cares your covered in mud! How lovely to have all that fresh food from your own garden, I always think it tastes better. I did wonder about the Chicken!! lol

    I will tag moreless to award your points.

  • Thanks YellowRose55 I'm in for more water - it's 32 outside! Too hot to dig but needs must. I really want to get the seventh bed complete and planted up today - beans, 'bon bon' squash going into this one.

  • You sound like your got a busy day there. I'm running in and out of my garden at the moment as we are trying to make a new path up to the top patio area. Hope you manage to get it finished. I will post the green gym in the evening, so hopefully my path might be done by then!

  • Great photo! Action shot!!! :-) Looks like you're having fun. :-)

  • Zest it was one of first things I did when we moved into the house - bought a swing. I should use it more than I do it's great fun :)

  • A swing and a lovely garden bliss, looks fantastic xx

  • Katmt I wish it was all my garden most of what you can see is the countryside. The bit behind me is the chicken coop but I can't stand for them to be contained so they are all roaming around the rest of the garden.

  • But what a lovely view, I can understand why you want it all 😆 I'm with you on the chickens free roaming 😃 locking them up is so cruel, 😢😬 have a lovely week and enjoy your dinner xx

  • That looks great fun :) and the garden is lovely too :)


  • Debs2510 I love swings - never too old to get on one!

  • great picture - can't wait to start picking some of my own veg it's so much tastier

    Lovely garden you must live in a rural location I think

  • cracker10 we're in SW France there's no way I could afford an acre and a half in the UK :( I'm waiting impatiently on the rasps there are a squillion bees on them so I'm hoping for a bumper crop - nature's way of compensating as there are no cherries due to a very late frost!

  • Fab photo and well done on eating your own produce 😊

  • I was trying to get as high as I could Anna61 but was getting a bit giddy when I was above the height of the fence - so was shouting at hubby "have you taken the picture yet!" I'm just hoping moreless doesn't start a challenge that involves doing handstands, cartwheels or the splits!

  • Oh how clever Mochta!! It's ages since I was on a swing! What a fun way to earn 500 points! :)

    I'm considering the handstands, cartwheels and splits now! :D :D

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