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Two Great North Runs

My sister and nieces went to London this week for two days which was lovely as the weather was great. At the end of the days I looked at my fitbit and saw we had done over 13 miles sightseeing each day. She mentioned this was the equivalent of two half marathons and we should do the Great North Run next year! I declined as I would have to walk it and it would take me all day!

The problem was even though I did all this walking and didn't eat any rubbish and tried to stay in my calories I ended up gaining 2lbs. I hope by next weighing day all this exercise will have made a difference.

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That's fairly common, when you suddenly increase your exercise, Linda. It'll be water retention, probably.

I'm sure that by your next weigh-in, everything will have gone back to normal :)

Never say never to doing the Great North Run, next year. If you can do a half marathon sightseeing, then you would easily do it for the run and, by then, you may be able to run some, or all of it, too :)

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Ever the optimist Moreless. You encourage us so much.

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Thanks I thought it could be water.

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