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Sandwich van

So I went to the little sandwich van that comes around work. I did buy a sandwich (210 calories!) and then I really thought about it. This is a heavyish feeling sandwich. It isn't made by the person who drives the van and is company owned but I feel they probably have it delivered to them from a third party.

I checked that the packaging didn't say "210cals per 100g" (it would be more accurate!).

The bread alone, based on the average for two slices of bread, would be about 210 calories... So... Is the filling completely calorie free? Cheese ham mustard and mayo?! I think not! I've no idea how many calories is actually in it now. But I'm shocked at how inaccurate it is. In future I'll use a bit more common sense and stick to the salad!

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it could be 210 at a push if its made with one of the low calorie breads at around 60cal per Slice? Surely they couldn't advertise it at 210 if that wasn't the case?? See how much cheese is in it as it would be the highest part probably. or maybe they use Mayo light and low fat cheese? It's a mine field!


It definitely isn't low calorie bread and it's reasonably thick to be honest. It's partially my own fault as I should have looked more closely when buying it as I'd have questioned it a bit more! There is a relatively thick slice of cheese that covers the whole sandwich. I'd say at least 20g of cheese? And more mayo than is necessary! It wasn't advertised as a "healthy" or "low calorie" or anything. It's just what the calories on the back of the packet says! :/ I feel like if they were using low fat cheese and mayo they'd say so on the packet? Lol nevermind! Live and learn I guess!

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Hi Hidden

That is the problem we have when buying ready made sandwhiches and I think your right to question the 210 calories. Maybe the salad would be the safer option.

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Suggest it was a typo... Sounds perfectly delicious and about 500 "cal under. Glad you enjoyed it!


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