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A long journey towards healthy weight (2nd stage) week 1 review( 06/05-2017-13/05-2017)

Hello my friends,

Hope you had a relaxing weekend:)

Did you achieve your weekly weight loss goal? I didn't quite, my weight stayed at 57.6kg for the second week. I think I know why.

1. Coming back to counting calories and recording diet and exercise hasn't been easy. It shows how vigilant we have to be when it comes guarding our newly developed habits.

2. I didn't read the 1 week brief of NHS 12 week weight loss plan. A big mistake, my thought was I knew it already, and I was busy. That didn't work, I must be honest, reading the message each week helps to set the goals, build up new habits and get motivated. So I won't skip it this week.

My target this is week is 56.6kg, my total calories intake today was 1600kcal, 200 over 1400 target, so for the rest of days I'll have less than 1400 kcal.

Wish you a great week ahead!

P.s. I desperate need a wardrobe make over, my motivation this week is to go cloth shopping if I reach my 1kg target!


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