BBC - The truth about sleep

I recorded this last night and have just finished watching it.

Lots of info about sleeping (or not) in general but there were two interesting points about poor sleep. If I understood it correctly...

1. Leads to maintained high levels of glucose in your blood, instead of the levels going down during your sleep. Apparently this can lead to obesity and one of the types of diabetes (forgot which one - goldfish memory again)

2. The micro organisms in your stomach actually become more efficient and absorb more of the food in your stomach then they would ordinarily.

If you're interested, it is here for about a month...

Like we didn't have enough to think about :)


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25 Replies

  • Thanks Tiggerr

    I only caught the end of the programme last night so I was going to watch later.

    Thank you

  • Going to watch this later on catch up as sleep and me are sometimes distant friends. Interesting to know the lack of or poor sleep on weight gain.

  • That's what piqued my interest. I have had about 20 years of bad sleep. Now I'm off the alcohol, sleep and I have become reacquainted. They mention alcohol as an inhibitor to good sleep. Hope I didn't spoil it :) Lots of other interesting points that they deal with.

  • I think I have tried just about everything to get a good nights sleep what's been recommended so really looking forward to watching the programme hopefully there will be something else worth trying. Glad you are now sleeping better I know alcohol is very bad for sleep.

  • There were other things besides alcohol in the programme and if I can motivate myself more to actually follow what they say, I think it's possible that I may be able to improve it even more.

  • True, I have seen the bit before about kiwi ( just watched it by the way ) also I saw where cherry juice is supposed to help before bed. Interesting about the fibre, butter beans, chick peas, lentils etc lots of things to try there I think.

  • I'm off to bed then! ;)

    Thanks Tiggerr, I expect it will be Type 2 diabetes :)

  • I caught the last 35 minutes of the programme and found it rather interesting, not least the results of the experiment at the end.

  • Was that the prebiotics? If it was, I was just looking it up and wondering how much of it online will be the same as what they used in the experiment and how much out there will be the inevitable cons (Me... cynical?).

  • I watched the programme, went to bed slept really well until midnight and was then awake for 2 hours and I am usually a good sleeper - moral of story don't watch it b4 bed!

  • :)

  • It was indeed. I can remember reading a magazine article earlier in the year, which stated that improving the micro-biome of the gut was set to become popular throughout 2017, with more people beginning to eat fermented foods, for example. I guess the pre-biotic featured in the programme falls into the same category.

  • My own personal take has been that pro-biotics are probably unnecessary. I base that on the idea that for most of us the body is pretty good at taking care of itself. However, I can see some of the science behind pre-biotics even though it looks like early days in the research.

  • I agree. Provided dietary intake is healthy and balanced, there probably isn't the need for pro/prebiotics, particularly if live yoghurt and fibrous foods are consumed regularly, for example.

    Although research is in its early stages, since much has been made over the diversity of healthy bacteria providing greater immunity to disease and also holding the key to weight loss, I suspect that the clamour and hype is only going to increase.

  • Thanks for letting me know Tiggerr, I have recorded the programme so I will watch it later on.

    Have a good one.

  • I too watched this programme last night. I was quite surprised that the prebiotic had such an effect on the biome as to improve sleep quality. I previously knew that prebiotic (high resistence starch found in high fibre foods like lentils, beans, potatoes skins etc) has an effect on breaking down and getting rid of harmful visceral fat. So, this sounds like a win/win situation.

    The only down side is that you can't eat enough to have a significant effect so you need to take it as a concentrated supplement as Michael Moseley did. It is called Inulin, but potato starch flour should have the same effect. Not too expensive and worth a try if sleep is a problem for you.

    Best wishes EJ

  • That's good, I have a cupboard full of potato starch flour that I use for making sausages. What a great excuse to eat bangers regularly :)

  • Chicory is also a good source of inulin, in addition to possessing sedative effects. I quite often drink it in the evening, since it tastes similar to coffee but without the added stimulants.

  • I tried it, never really helped camomile tea yes, with SN added extra maybe

  • After trying everything to sleep I gave in and got an mild anti-depressant from the doctors. It does help but doesn't solve anything.

  • I watched some of it, often I'm woken by the cold, pure cotton bedding, sleeping with nothing on helps, as dies warm cat next me, I find it very comforting.

    Oddly enough or not my sleep was very deprived at the start of my menopause, and I tried loads to distract me, naps really helped, not a lot else did, and I craved far too much sugar and carbs

  • I so understand this post. The menopause is awful!

  • Some of it rings true, other bits I'm not sure of, noisy neighbours banging about def does not help

  • Found it interesting and now I know, I sleep badly because type 2 diabetes high sugar means I have to pee during the night and the fact that I have disturbed sleep due to that probably makes my sugars and hunger worse - vicious circle!!

  • I'm sorry you have to deal with diabetes but I'm glad you got something out of it.

    I hope you find a solution.

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