breakfast cereals

I have changed from my usual honeynut cornflakes with blueberries & unsweetened almond soya milk to kellogs granola with blueberries & low fat natural yoghurt, it's more calories but I think more healthy (is it?) please let me know out there going to get on scales today not been on them for ages at weight stayed at 65kg for months no matter whether I exercised more or changed calories help!


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  • Morning kbed

    I have Granola with yogurt and berries most morning and find it a lot more filling and healthy too. If your looking for some breakfast ideas have a look at the Daily Diary in Events at what breakfast everyone else is eating.


  • I never seemed to lose weight myself when I first joined. Are you eating enough calories to start with. Have you checked how many you should be having with the bmi index calculator. When I first joined although I checked with the bmi index I was eating less than this because I was having around 1000 or under and someone on here told me that this was my problem. I wasn't eating enough and my body thought I was starving it so it was turning the food I did eat into body fat. This made me put on weight or stay the same all the time as body fat weighs more than calories. I upped the amount of calories I ate to check it out to the amount I should have and I started to lose weight. I have almost lost 2st now. If you are also doing this try and change things as this could be why this is happening to you too. Good luck and I hope you get somewhere soon.

  • Thanks for your encouragement, I have checked my BMI which now stands at 27.9 recommended calorie intake is 1408 - 1810 that's huge when i started out in 2015 I tried to stick to between 900 - 1200 & was told to increase intake after I lost 2 stone then nothing since for ages & stuck but now after being 65kg for months I am up to 67kg I cannot win. Today for the first time in ages my sisters & myself are meeting up for lunch (at a fish & chip restaurant) my big sisters choosing, cannot really say anything she is in her 80's 17 years between herself & me. I have not a clue what to eat I know they have other things on menu besides fish & chips so wish me luck for a good choice as I have been really good this last 2 weeks.

  • At least make sure you have a good time and do enjoy yourself. Hopefully you will find something that will still be ok for you. You may even find a salad that you can put with something that is not quite so healthy to balance it out quite well. It won't notice to others that you are trying to lose weight then if you have something healthy and not quite so healthy too. Good luck though.

  • thankyou there was not much to choose from on menu & the size of the fish was enourmous I had a cheeseburger(not healthy but one off & salad) but I enjoyed spending time with my 4 sisters ages 85, 82, 78, 75 & little me 67.

  • I eat special K protein cereal for breakfast I was advised to eat a high protein diet and have at least 20g of protein for breakfast but preferably 30g.

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