Saving for a new wardrobe as a REWARD

Hey lovely people...

As you know I started on Friday weekend wasn't really my get up and go ... but today is, my paperwork is completed, my fit bit is on and I de-cluttered my wardrobe to see what I have and what I don't need. That was very empowering - I have decided that I WILL LOOSE THIS WEIGHT, I am not going to be the fat sister in law on my husbands brothers wedding and that I will be treating myself to some new outfits...

I've also set up a standing order £30.00 for a new wardrobe in jan 2018 - I have worked out that I can really have the body I want and feel good for me and that my husband will match it so not bad... if I really give this 12 week programme everything I HAVE

Loving the support and the forum

Is the app any good?


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8 Replies

  • Hi , don't forget to buy some new clothes as you lose weight as this will make you look and feel so much better

  • hey Ella... well I have clothes which no longer fit me a normal size 12 but then loosing the weight will allow me to fit into them..

    Thank you

  • Good morning mannikaur and such a lovely uplifting post 😊

    It's a great feeling being empowered and in control. I love the idea about a standing order for clothes, very motivating. Especially with a wedding coming up ❤️

    With regards to the app. There are two. A HU one and NHS 12 week plan one, both are useful but limited, I've reviewed them in the pinned posts section.


  • Hey Anna

    Thank you so much

    yes ... need to get control of this!

    ok will have a look... also where is the best place to see where to measure the waist??? as different sites are saying difference places what do you use here?

  • Brilliant idea! Good luck 🤗

  • thanks....

  • ooh I might try that, would love to have an amount for every lb lost but what would I even decide!?🤔

    I started Friday, had a good day, Saturday went off track, yday back on and today been good and within Cal count of 1750 with a 3 mile walk this morn and I hope to try some form of strength later.....any suggestions moat welcome as all I really do is walk/stationary cycle and swim very occasionally....😊

    you will have such a great time choosing outfits in January, I hope to have kicked 3stone by July of next yr, more if possible but really want will be booked soon so I have no option!😆

  • hey mcc13

    well im in the same boat ... im not able to walk at the moment but weight creeping no.. what ive decided was £1 for every 1lb lost.. and £30.00 as a bonus! I have a weight loss jar that I got from another post!!! nothing in there yet lol...

    I'm 12.9stone and I should be around 10.5 too so we can definitely do it.

    would love a walking a buddy too... but not many people from where I am

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