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Hate my tummy

Seems that no matter what I do I can't get rid of my belly. All my trousers are getting baggy round my thighs legs and bottom but my tummy just won't shrink it's getting annoying. Yes I have had three children but you would think that all the swimming going to the gym and I have spent a week digging weeding and raking my allotment would have had some impact on it. Help.

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Those ab belts can help make it look a bit more toned you can get cheap ones from Aldi or Lidl. X

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To tone the abs do resistance exercises as for other body-parts, but be careful not to over-develop the muscles, making them look too large and 'blocky'.

You still have to lose the layers of fat covering toned muscles.

Visceral fat from a fatty liver (fructose and alcohol being the biggest offenders) and high insulin levels (from high-glycaemic foods) cause fat to accumulate around the waistline.


And I thought it was just that I was eating toooooo much LOL


Hi I am sure you know this but the old saying goes, on from the top off from the bottom and of course the middle takes the longest and is the hardest to shift, it want come off fast so you just stick to what your doing and it will go, don't lose heart or get to fixated on one area, your doing everything right, remember though that if you have had a biggish tummy for a while there's no guarantee it will all go, I can't explain why it just sometimes the excess skin and a bit of underlying fat want shift.

So concentrate on you muscle tone and see what happens, you could also try wearing a light weight body sculpting pair of whatever they call them.

Hope not offended you


Light weight body sculpting underwear has got me through many a night out, so no offence taken. I know I can do it I have before I just feel like it's taking longer this time although age might also be a factor there.


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