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The weekend!

So my first week went really well until...the weekend. Just can't escape it. Had a lovely gin afternoon tea followed by some more drinks and I just can't say no. Then I get to the point where I think 'Well I have done it now might aswell keep going' my next few weekends are also busy socilaising. I don't want to not go as that isn't realistic. Any tips for avoiding the weekend binge?

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Hi MissHunt

Weekends are the hardest part from most people. If your going out for meals check the menu's online before you go and try and work your calories into your daily allowance. If your out having a drink try swapping every other drink for a soft low cal one. Planning is the key to getting through the weekend.



Weekends are my nemesis too MissHunt I just have to focus on it - I have also reduced my socialising whilst I shed this weight. If I go out its just for drinks I try really hard to skip the meals. I also up my exercising


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