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Body shape changes

Every 12 weeks I've started measuring myself, so I measure my bust, under my bust, belly, hips, bum, thigh and calf, just to see if there is any changes (I'm adding my arms this time) I know this seems OTT but I have been losing weight in different places, so in the last 12 weeks I've lost 1" from under my bust, hips, bum and calf not the places I wanted to lose weight but I don't really get to choose where my body decides to get its resources.

My point is though it's taking a long time to undo the unhealthy lifestyle I've been leading (and slipping back in to now and then) my body is slowly changing and getting smaller. So here's hoping that in the next 12 weeks the other parts of my body catch up 🤞🏻

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Well done on your inch loss Hidden and also,on measuring in different places, I wish I had done this!! The only initial measurement I told was my waist, and I'm 8" down 😊 More importantly, my weight loss is very slow (if any) nowadays, and my waist size is also pretty static, but I'm wearing a smaller dress size 😊

Proof that we are aiming to be smaller and fitter rather than just weigh less 😊


Great long term attitude MummyDebbie. You should definitely be proud of yourself.


Great post and good advice, well done on your inches lost and your attitude going forwards.


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