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Getting back in the Zone

Morning all. I finally feel I am getting back into the right mindset to stay on track and lose some more weight after some months of drifting and being at a plateau. I had a good day yesterday, and I find once you have a good day and resist some of those extra biccys or whatever it is, then it get's easier to build on that and keep on the healthier choices.

It's so nice to have this forum to turn to for encouragement!

Sending positive vibes out to my weight loss buddies! Have a great day! :-) x

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Ruby8, it's inspirational to read how positive you are feeling just now! That's great! And you have already lost a stone? So a good place to pick up the threads and reboot your weight loss challenge!

I totally agree about how helpful it is to have a good day, it certainly spurs you on to keep on track. Are you counting calories? Keep posting and tell us how you're progressing!

Good luck, and keep the lid on that biccy tin!


I'm so pleased to hear that you're getting back into the right mindset Ruby, that's great news! I'm sure that the improving weather and lighter days will help enormously too :)

Have you joined IndigoBlue61's reboot challenge, for extra support and motivation?

You can do this! Onwards and downwards! :)

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Well done Ruby8 😊

The first day is definitely the most difficult. Like you say, once you've done it once you can build on that 😊

Very well done

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Hi Ruby8

Glad to hear your in the right mind set now with your weight loss. Here's to a great week and some good loses at the end of the week.

I know what you mean about it getting easier to resist once you have a good day. I had a good day yesterday too and feel back in control now as the last few weeks it felt like it was slipping away from me.

Have a good week.


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