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Last day of holidays

Well I am thinking I may have put on a fair bit of the weight I had lost purely because of the a) peanuts b) wine c) the food which has been lovely but I know when I get home tomorrow I will have to shake myself up and if possible repeat week six as I left it at home stuck up on my cupboard. Is that possible does anyone know or do I have to start over again.? I hope not as I was doing ok plus I am not near a printer to print off any more copies. I want to carry on with the plan as funny enough counting calories has not been to tricky and I have kind of enjoyed seeing how many I had left at the end of the day, although because I've been on holiday I haven't stuck to counting them.....I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter weekend and I will keep in touch when I get home as it's the one thing that keeps me on the straight and narrow 😊🥂😒

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I repeated a couple of times- it's your change of lifestyle so you are in charge 😀 Looks lovely where is it?


It's totally up to you, there's no strict must do here, I've never completed the 12 week plan I found it wasn't for me but I found my own personal way with some good advice from the forum, so what ever you decide good luck

Kat xx


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