Internally screaming

At Monday's weigh in l sneaked into the top of the Healthy BMI range (I've been steadily losing about 0.5kg per week. To start to slow my rate of descent as I near the weight I want to be, I upped my cals from my usual low end of my range, 1900, to abut 2050.

Thought I'd have a sneaky peak at the scales this morning and I'm up by 1.7kg. I'm seriously hoping this is some kind of cruel, mad blip. I can't see how that change could have made such a big difference.

I'm so angry at the moment, just don't know what at. I feel like starving myself... I won't.

We're having a picnic at the races today with friends and I'm stood next to my 4 large bottles of diet tonic that I made last night and about to make my own salad but I'm doing it all with minus enthusiasm.

Vent, vent, vent, vent, vent, vent........!!!!!! Aaaaaargghhhhh!!!

Addendum: Listening to some Pendulum to destress whilst making my partner some mango and passion fruit ganache choccies for tomorrow. How upside down :)

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  • Oh Tiggerr don't worry the scales are a cruel invention sent by the devil to torment us 😈😬

    Hopefully it's a glitch and your weigh in will be fine, it could be any number of other factors I'm sure at least once a month there's an elf on the scales with me and I'm pretty sure he weighs more than me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Go and have a fantastic day at the races, enjoy your picnic and the company of your friends, relax and don't think about the scales

    Have a fantastic weekend

    Kat xx

  • The elf made me chuckle. Going to search internet for anti-elf spells.

    Probably will be relaxed later (it is something that will revert of its own accord or can be changed over time)... just not relaxed yet.

    Thanks for your kind words.

  • Tiggerr my scales change everyday, the only weight I really bother about is the weight I am on weigh in day. It will revert back to normal in a couple of days. Your body may be getting used to the extra calories your eating. You have done so well, keep with it and don't let it spoil your day. As you say if it doesn't revert of its own accord you can do something about it. Found your bounce, bounce, bounce and have a great day.

  • Thanks Lucigret. Just never seen my scales act quite this mean.

    Half hearted boing :)

  • Tiggerr don't worry you can revert back

  • Thanks Jeyall. I've taken a few deep breaths now and I'll see what the Monday scales say and work out what to do after that.

    Have a good weekend.

  • I feel your frustration Tiggerr πŸ˜• The inner machinations of the blooming bathroom scales mystify and infuriate me also 😑😑😑

    When everyone else is looking for Easter Eggs you and I will be going on an Elf Hunt . . .

  • Just had to reboot laptop because keys started typing anything other than what I wanted... hmmmm, one of those days???

    Anyway, thanks Anna, I used that time to start my design of the elf killing thingy-me-gig. I'll let you know when its finished :)

  • Sounds like book Anna61, you could probably make a fortune "Intrepid explorer hunts the evil bathroom scales elf"

  • What do you think Katmt ? πŸ˜‚

  • Ok with me, your very welcome to my ideas just don't ask me to write it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • I will join you Anna unfortunately my scales are playing the same in one day it is showing increase 😑

  • You will be the winner Tiggerr, your determination will see you through. Well done for planning your picnic food/drink so carefully.

    The scales can be cruel and mine certainly yo-yo almost daily.

    Enjoy your day out in the fresh air.

  • Cheers Ceals. Potentially it could take me 3 to 4 weeks to move that much weight so I think there are gremlins afoot to show such a big difference in such a short time.

    I was so taken aback that I wasn't thinking very sanely.

  • Hi Tiger, thanks for info re your experience with upping calories, your body maybe telling you something, do not go without!! steady your nerve, good luck with weather and picnic:)

  • Thanks ary88. Like people are saying I should wait and see on Monday and then make a decision.

  • How frustrating! But you'll be back on track in no time, I'm sure of it. My weight fluctuated in a similar way last week (I have been exercising more, not less). Time to start counting every morsel again (not for you - you seem to do that already). Best of luck - you're nearly there!

  • Thanks mayaena and good luck to you.

    Just picked nearly 3lb of asparagus from the garden. I've got a throw away bbq and I'm not going to share any of it now ;) , that's all I'm going to eat with a bit of salt and lemon.

  • Enjoy your asparagus!

    My scales vary a bit. Some days they show a loss and when I step back on to check that I've read them correctly they show about 1.5lbs more. So although yours showed a gain it might not be accurate, And even if it is it will go! If you eat enough asparagus that might help.

  • One way to defeat the elf is measure various body parts as well and even if scales go up as long as they go down then you are benefitting.

  • Cheers RG07.

    By Monday morning's weigh in, I was down by 0.7kg over the whole week, which meant that I had lost 2.4kg between Sat a.m. and Mon a.m. That's pretty much 5lb which is a mad variation over such a short period. I'm thinking that it can only be fluid. Sticking to weekly weigh ins from now on.

  • Don't worry about I weigh myself daily and every Monday I tend to go up don't always know why. Today it is two pounds up cos of the weekend away. This week I am expecting to be up anyway because I ate out all weekend and still have to eat out tonight because of my mother in laws birthday and she wants us all to go out. I have to spend most of the week at the hospital as well because my carer is having a operation this week, so I will be having food in there CafΓ© as well but will prob just have sandwich as it does have calories on it. Hope it does go well for you for your weigh in.

  • Thanks HMM. For whatever reason, I then dropped by 2.4kg and came in 0.7kg down on the week... huh!!!

    It's not the scales as I've got two identical digital ones and using the same spot. Guessing it was just fluid. Ho hum... aren't our bodies wonderful ;)

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