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I win some, I lose some

I hope everyone has had a good week? Well I got weighed this morning and I have put the 2lbs back on that I had originally lost after week 1. So what was different? I didn't monitor the calorie intake at all last week. I just tried to eat healthy but that didn't work (by the look of it) and I didn't do much exercise. I'm off to the dr in the morning to see if they can recommend any physio or exercises because post birth I am still having back and pelvic pain ( baby is now a toddler). Therefore when I do exercise it just makes it even worse. I write all of this with a positive mind though and that is a blessing. I'm not too self critical as I know it's ok. I'm now thinking that as the kids are in bed I can go to an exercise class ( and spend a few pounds on myself in doing so). Hubby is happy doing his thing so I should allow myself the opportunity to go out and exercise. I have bought so many DVDs and exercise equipment but they just don't motivate me. I will see what the Dr says in the morning and try to get myself in the middle of an exercise class, where I can't shy away at the back or give up. So I've recorded today's calories so far and I'll have to see what the week has in store for me. Life seems to be a learning curve of self discovery. It's pretty interesting really....

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Keeping track of calories is really important 😕 But you learn something new every day, have a good week and I hope you find an exercise class you enjoy


It fatal when you don't record calories ,I have done it myself you think you have been healthy but I suppose it so easy to go over if you don't keep track.

Have you tried or thot about Yoga I have back problems and have found that it helps mine altho I am careful and I am still a beginner .

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I've spent about an hour looking for local classes that begin after 7.30 and there aren't that many!however I have sourced a local yoga class on Mondays. I will begin after Easter. Thank you for your reply x


Great, hope you find it suitable .Keep posting your progress .x


Although you ate healthily there is a way that you didn't eat the right amount of calories. I never used to eat enough calories and through this my body thought I was trying to starve it so it then turned what I did eat into body fat to ensure it could keep going. Fat weighs more than calories and therefore it means you end up putting on weight. I know eat more to eat the right amount of calories and am starting to lose weight. It is possible that this has happened to you here.


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