Hope I make you laugh. Fat Pants throw away challenge

The scales show today 10stone 3

One pound loss. I've stuck to it and on week 6 this coming week. Halfway through my 12 week challenge.

Total 8lb loss

On a couple of days this week I started to feel a bit hungry did all the techniques tips you lovelies have given me and stuck to calorie intake.

It's a slow journey for me but I realise I'm not going to hit my goal while around November so I'm happy with the small losses.

Aren't dress sizes a pain ... I bought a couple of dresses as a treat I'm 5ft 2 very small boned etc guess what size You'd think Medium NO NO NO

I bought from H&M and QUIZ BOTH LARGE ..... Why I'm saying this is ladies please don't go by dress sizes buy what looks good on you for a treat. The dresses still didn't look perfect even though I'd bought flattering styles well cut etc. My stomach still showed its rounded self but I thought NO I will keep the dresses purchased online and wear my fat pants until I drop a few more pounds. I liked the dresses and they were a good price and I know they will look good in a couple of months without my fat pants.

So don't go off the dress sizes...... If you end up buying a large or extra large or XXL if it looks good it will make you feel good.

My new challenge to myself is to be able to throw away my FAT PANTS.... The ones that come up to my chin....


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11 Replies

  • In my view, dress designers use a telegraph pole when designing frocks, and rarely see a real woman! Having no waist and wide hips, I now live in jeans, and loose tops or fleeces. However, I have a son's wedding to dress up for at the end of the year which is panicking me slightly....

    Good luck with losing those stubborn pounds so you can feel good in your more feminine clothes!

  • Thank you so much 👗

  • Hi, if you havent seen it before, look at the website for "BOX 2 ", lovely clothes designed for more shapely ladies,size 14 - 30. Beautiful flattering outfits for weddings ,although for me they're a bit on the long side so Ive only tried their tops. They have regular sales too, which makes more affordable and very helpful customer service.

  • Thanks EllieI will take a look.

  • Hi Lynne, I think my Box2 suggestion was meant for DartmoorDumpling as she mentioned her son's wedding... although I realise now that you may both be too slim by now for Box 2 sizes . 😊😊 I did have one outfit of theirs which I had taken in a bit and felt lovely in it .

  • Hi Ellie, I've taken a look and the clothes are super. Thank you so much. 😊

  • Glad to be able to assist 😀😀

  • Hehe 😊 Here's to losing those fat pants!!! Lol 😂

    Ps I've got clothes in every size from 12-18

  • I bought a new dress for my nieces wedding, in December. To try and do something about the lumps and bumps, I tried on some spanx underwear! OMG!! they made me the most hideous shape!! Give me the Bridget Jones kickers any day!! I'll be happy to wear them forever!! :D

    You enjoy your new dresses, whatever size they are and forget about the fat pants, cos nobody's going to know that you're wearing them anyway! :)

  • Thank you Here's to no fat pants 👗

  • Ha ha ha ha ! My husband says if I pull my pants up, just a fraction, they could double up as a bra 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. The look of horror when I say to him "c'mon, you know they turn you on really"! is hilarious 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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