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Rebounder trampoline

Has anyone got or tried one of these? There's a second hand one for sale just down the road from me and quite fancy having a go, but not sure if a) it's worth it and b) if I'll stick to it and not just have a large bouncy floor covering getting in the way. Have checked it's one that deals with up to 300lbs weight and not one designed for a kid!

Any brands people recommend? Does the 'up to 300lbs' lie and you end up breaking springs if you're anything over 150lbs?!

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I have one. I bought it with the intention of doing the rebounder videos on YouTube. I have used it a couple of times and it is good as it is a little gentler on the knees.

If it is going cheap then get it. I am gonna have mine outside in the summer and work out there.v


If it's cheap, buy it, and see if you use it. I've just put a pic of my £8 cross trainer on here, hubby didn't want me to spend much, but we do use it. If it's right there, you will use it!


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