So, I know exactly what bloats me and keeps me putting on weight: refined carbs and sugar.

I've almost cut out sugar but its so hard living with my chocaholic father and an impressionable 4 year old!

Carbs are another issue altogether... honestly I'd rather go vegan than live without bread or rice. Boo-hoo pity party...

So, either I need to move out, or I need a proper cleanse of the pantry and just STICK with it! Although, I've tried that before and it never works because my father will just end up buying more junk.

So, I will meditate and try self hypnosis to muster up the will power to avoid avoid avoid at all costs the poisons that keep the pounds on.

Tomorrow's list of Do's:

1- 5 a day

2- use a fork in place of bread

3- BIG salad

let's see shall we?


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9 Replies

  • Hi again,

    I've been trying to cut carbs and sugar down for a while now, it's hard because there's traces of at least one of them in pretty much everything

    If you can muster the perseverance and ask your Dad not to bring in the rubbish you'll be fine - I asked my fiancee and it works like an oiled machine

    Good luck

  • Thank you, I think I'll have to be more strict at home as you said! It's very hard to avoid them all but lets see how tomorrow goes! I might raid the cupboard whilst he sleeps and throw it all out haha!


  • My fiancee did that one day while I was at work. She searches my bag sometimes, to make sure I haven't brought in any crap to eat!

  • I like her method! :)

  • She's a wise woman!!

  • The longer you go without, cm, the easier it gets. I find it easier to have none than to try and cut down, but maybe you could start by swapping from simple carbs to complex carbs first and see if that makes it easier :)

  • Yes I find with sugars it's the same as smoking.. If u have 1 or some... U Will crave more and more and it just makes it impossible. Cold turkey is the way to go. Will try out complex carbs and see how it feels and how the scales respond :) thanks for the advice!

  • Exactly! :)

    Good luck! :)

  • I agree with Moreless, I only eat complex carbs and have gradually reduced them over the last year. The problem with white bread/rice/sugar is it boosts your insulin which leaves you wanting more sugar . . . A viscous cycle 😕

    I'm on a 're-boot' and have had no sugar for 6 days and I'm feeling so much better already 😊

    Stick with it, you know it makes you feel bloated, keep telling yourself that you and your body deserve to feel energised and healthy 😊

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