New month, new scales

Its official, I LOVE my new scales!

I can see the read out without glasses on (very important feature), it sends electric currents through me and provides all kinds of numbers I have yet to decode, and most important of all, they reckon I am 10 stone 8lbs! Hurrah, thats my elusive 1lb for the end of March ticked off. I was totally terrified they would think I was about a stone heavier. Phew, massive relief.

In a moment of genius, I lured my hubbie onto them to check out the electric currents and other techie features, and now he's considering joining me to lose a little! These things are always better shared, although he's been very supportive of me anyway.

So, I embarking on my journey through April with a renewed sense of purpose and accuracy!

Good luck to anyone else considering getting new scales, the first weigh in with them is surprisingly scary!


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38 Replies

  • Woo! I've been waiting for the update on these new scales! Glad you're happy with them!

  • I am . I actually love them.

  • Well done on losing that elusive lb 🎉🎉 and having hubbie join you on your journey 🌺🌹

  • Yes that was a nice bonus! Although the nhs calorie things says he's allowed 1000 more calories than me, which is definitely going to make me jealous!!!

  • Men!!! 😉

  • Grrrr! Especially tall ones who do lots of exercise!

  • I am so glad they work! So it gives you an electric shock. Does it hurt more if you have put weight on? Oh no there's my idea for dragons den just shared with the world!

    Seriously, do the scales link up with your phone?

    Glad they say a good number! Well done on losing that lb 🌟

  • Oh yes thats genius!! I'll put my order in now! They are quite basic digital scales so dont link up with anything, but thats also a very good idea - if you could make them feed directly into MFP lots of people would find that useful. What are you waiting for, get that pitch in!

  • Fitbit scales link to Fitbit on your phone so I know that exists, scales that electrocute you are my new invention - patent pending!

  • I'm waiting.....!

  • Maybe just a mild electric shock ... but better linked to eating too much. I'd just avoid the scales and thus the shock too

  • Good idea. Maybe it will be the next solution for obesity crisis - electric shock if you eat choc or crisps

  • Woo excellent news re: new scales! Mine were also nice to me this morning and said I'd dropped some body fat %. Although they did also say I'd managed to get heavier bones than yesterday which I think may be a tiny bit inaccurate! One the big ones in my local Boots get fixed (if they ever do) I'm going to see what they say - and then if mine are as accurate as I think they are I may well be joining you in the new scales department!

  • If the bone thing is a % rather than an absolute number it might be accurate? I havent really understood all the new numbers on mine yet. I shall enjoy discovering all the new ways to measure!

  • So pleased for you that you lost that pound. When you wrote that you were buying new scales I hoped they wouldn't show you as heavier, even lighter could have been a problem as it may have triggered a food fest! Keep it up jiminey. Justine

  • Thanks - I was really worried about that too!

  • So glad your happy with them, no more scale dancing😄

  • Brilliant Jiminy!

  • Very interesting JiminyCricket. What make of scales did you get? I have thought about it but there are so many it is good to have a recommendation.

    Maybe I could get my husband on board - to be fair he is eating what I cook, and them goes into the mess at work! Although he has just said he might try one of my super healthy smoothies!

  • They arent flashy ones. They are Salter, and £17 at argos. I'm such a newbie to digital scales though - you are probably better off getting a recommendation from someone who's used them for longer. Good luck with your husband!

  • Oh my goodness what with visions of you standing on one leg last time to now having electric currents sent thepugh you the mind boggles🤣🤣🤣

    Glad you have a good result and you have made a good choice in buying new ones.😊👍

  • Yes Im happy all round today!

  • I've had my scales like yours for ten years and can highly recommend them. I check my weight and body fat percentage and although I've only lost 11 pounds since last summer my fat has gone from 52% to 40.4% which tells me I'm eating healthier now even if the weight doesn't budge. And fat is the more important figure for your internal health.

    Just ensure you have a spare battery on hand as you get no notice of it running out.

  • Thats really interesting - what a huge change you've had! I do like having other ways to measure my progress towards a healthier lifestyle. Thanks for the battery warning - very worth knowing!

  • I put the change down to adding inulin to my breakfast cereal every day, making sure i have protein in every meal (even if it's only by adding soya flour), and more often eating eggs or fruit or sugar free muesli (whichever i feel like) when Im hungry between meals. This is instead of sweets, chocolate, cakes, etc. I can easily feel ravenous otherwise and then my eating would be much worse. By concentrating on the quality​ of my food rather than calories, I've lowered my body fat percentage so improving my body shape and internal health.

    Fat cells around the midriff and around the major organs cause changes in other cells which eventually can cause serious illness. That's why the apple shape is so bad for us. If nothing else i recommend trying to reduce body fat. I suspect it also improves metabalism​ as it positively changes the body's ratio of fat to muscle mass.

  • Yes the fat around your organs is dangerous -it's a good change to aim for. I'm very pear shaped so lucky in that way!

  • I'm beginning to think my scales are stuck!

    Or maybe it's me....

  • I know that feeling!

  • And me 😢

  • Hi jiminyCricket I have just read all the comments on this post. I have had my scales forever, even though they are perfectly good and digital. They don't give me any other readings. Keep us up to date on how you get on. Then I might feel some scale shopping coming on 😂

  • The ones I got only cost £2 more than basic ones, so although I don't know yet how usefuk/interesting the other readings will be, it seemed worth a try!

  • Oooh, I'm almost tempted to take a trip to argos myself for some fancy-pantsy scales. Mine are electronic only 4yrs old, but I do need my specs to read the display (how much extra do specs weigh I wonder?) and they only tell me my weight , but not body fat which could be a useful new challenge for me.

  • Could be interesting from a maintenance point of view. They do muscle mass and bone mass too. And water. It's a whole new world! !

  • Yes it could be very encouraging, as one of the problems for maintainers is that we've won our race, others now take our new size for granted, and we feel have nothing more to aim for.

  • Getting maintenance right isreally hard. I do look forward to joining the maintainers club eveeventually! Yes a few different stats to look at might be really helpful.

  • Hi which scales have you got? They sound fab! Well done you x

  • I got £16.99 salter scales from argos. Not flashy at all really, though exciting for me after decades of analogue!!

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