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oh dear - I've had my operation and its been extremely painful. I have put on 1.5kgs which makes me the same weight I was 5 weeks ago - so not only have I put on I feel I should really weigh at least 3kgs less so that's a massive thing I was hoping to be 90kg today instead i'm 94.2 kgs, I know it can be fixed but I feel really down about it. I do hope this post goes in the Monday weigh in i'm on a new computer and windows 10 and things seem a bit different :) the only plus side is I still can keep my 10kg badge - just :)

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Good morning mum123

I hope the operation went well and that you soon feel better. Depending upon the type of surgery you can gain several pounds of fluid so I wouldn't count today's weight as realistic, I would leave it a week or so. If you haven't been mobile that can also cause fluid retention, not to mention pain and painkilling drugs. The important thing is you are still 10kg lighter and the surgery is out of the way. 😊

Focus on healing, eating nutritious foods and getting back your fitness 😊

Very best wishes



mum123 Poor you, I am still recovering from an illness and operation. You really must take it slowly, you don't want any set backs. It does take a while for your body to settle after an operation. I started by doing a ten minute walk, can now walk for well over an hour quite happily. Please make sure you get the right nourishment. Nutrient dense foods, natural good full fat options etc.

I know I wanted to keep an eye on my weight but you have to eat properly to repair the body tissues.

Take care of yourself.

Ceals x


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