Yo-Yo day today!

At last.........today I reached my first stone loss! Done it in seven and a half weeks. During that time, I had a long weekend away (ate everything put infront of me!), had extremely 'naughty' days and had several days when I didn't do any exercise!

Was it the euphoria of achieving a stone lost or complete madness, because tonight I ate ALL the wrong things????!!! Had a family meal and ended up eating my food and some of theirs......AND apple pie!! Mmmmm it was so lovely though. I see a starvation day coming on tomorrow!!!

I have come a long way, feel so much more healthy and more importantly, know just what I should and shouldn't do now to achieve my next stone goal. I will be quite happy when that is done and I can then start to hopefully maintain.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and, if like me you've indulged rather more than you think you should have, worry not, you've deserved a treat!


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  • That's awesome, well done, you've earned that apple pie :)

    (Insert emoticon for happy dance here!)

  • Thank you so much. Hope you're doing ok too!

  • Gosh you've done great! Well done! Thank you for your kind comments. Good luck at the gym...I promise you won't regret it.

  • Sure you had a good time and that's the main thing, you can get back to normal now. Apple pie would be really hard to resist i love the stuff!

  • Thank for that. I feel I deserved it too....we all deserve a treat now and again and, as you say, just who can resist apple pie??!!

  • We do indeed, it's good for the mind.

    So is apple pie 😂

  • Ha! Yes indeed, you're right there!

  • Wowzer tubbymummy. That is an amazing achievement well done. You totally deserved the apple pie lol. That's totally motivated me.

  • Ah that's a really lovely thing to say. Thank you so much. Glad I may have helped you in some small way.

  • Surely you deserve the stone badge now 😉

  • Oh yes....hadn't thought about that!!!! Thank you so much. Good luck to you.

  • Hi tubbymummy

    Yay! That is great going losing 1 stone in just over 7 weeks, well done you. Would you like to swoop a 1 stone badge for a piece of apple pie!! lol


  • Err, let me think about that???!!! Would love a stone badge please. Thank you.

  • There you go, lovely new badge, well done.

  • Thanks again!

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