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The Saturday after a Friday Hmmmmm

The Saturday after a Friday Hmmmmm

Hello all,

Just an update on the pro's and con's of a Friday night :) :)


* Made Pizza and counted every single calorie

* Had only 2 slices of pizza (old me would have scoffed the lot)


* Had 4 beers :( :( :( :(

Ok soooo this week wasn't the food issue like last weeks sausages as I controlled what I ate by counting the calories beforehand and sticking to the amount I wanted to eat. The bad thing was that my good friend who happens to be my neihbour sent a message saying "come on over for a couple of drinks"

Friday has always been a night that hubby and I get together with our friends and neihbours as some of you know it is called Firepit Friday. Our kids are old enough to do whatever they want. Oldest daughter lives in Vietnam and middle daughter lives next door but one to us but seems to be constantly living in our fridge :( and youngest (14) watches some tv, chats with her friends back in the UK and hangs out.

So Friday is a day for chilling out with friends and neihbours, discussing the week and having a good old laugh adult style. So after getting the pizzas ready and hanging out with the kids for a bit, we slipped out to hang out with kids our age ;) ;)

The bad thing is that I had 4 beers and they are 330ml size ones (so small ones)

The good thing is that I said no to anymore and was actually tucked up in bed by 11.30pm while everyone else continued until the wee hours of the morning. When I came back I didn't go to the fridge to get left over pizza (this is probably a record for me as the munchies hit me after beer) I came in drank a glass of water, brushed the choppers and went to bed :) :)

Total calorie intake for the day was 1646 so not bad really compared to last Friday :)

No drinks next Friday as Hubby is competing in rink bandy Finnish Championships but Saturday is my birthday so can't promise anything.

Oh and the picture is the place where "we adults" hang out on Friday nights. This is on our garden made with reclaimed and used wood from an old building we pulled down last summer. It is called Revontulilaavu this translated means "Aurora Firepit" It is called that as we usually sit there and watch the Northern lights from there. Joint project with the neihbours and cost about 300 euros to make as almost everything was salvaged from the old building or the scrap man. This place is my sanctuary and even without Firepit Friday I spend time sitting here with a small fire and chillaxing :)

Soooo all in all this Friday wasn't a disaster, some things still have to be learned but I am on level footing. Beans on toast for brekkie and am gonna do the couch 2 25km week 2 run 3 in a short while.

Happy Saturday all :)


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Lovely post Janpes

Your chillout place looks fab

It's on my bucket list to see the Northern lights so I'm envious 😬

Well done on the control with the Pitza! 😎

Happy birthday for next Saturday in case I forget!

I used to go to a slimming world group on a Friday and go crazy over the weekend thinking I've got all week to loose the rubbish I had eaten but really I was just breaking even

Because we weigh in on Mondays I find it better. your also are watching what you eat . See good will power and cleaning teach and back to bed. I would have been weakened by the alchohol!😬

Have a good day 😊

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Sounds like a success story Janpes , love the fire pit, I can see why it calls you.


Morning Janpes

I love your idea of fire pit Friday and your sitting area is fantastic. My family often in the summer night sit outside round a fire eating and drinking. Well done for staying with in your calories with the Pizza.

Have a good weekend.



well done Janpes great planning- I love your garden 😀


That is only 1 part of the garden will share photos in the summer of me sunning it on the decking with a cocktail ;) ;) all flabby bits will be covered haha

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Brilliant do you get lots of sun in your summer


Not really sometimes a few good weeks of +30 degrees C. Average temp is above +20 Summer starts around midsummer when the sun doesn't set for a few weeks. my bodyclock goes into overdrive them so it will be good to see how the diet survives the sun not setting ;(


It all sounds lovely I don't do well in the heat!


You're so lucky to have such a lovely place to sit and enjoy with your friends and family Janpes , thanks for posting and telling us about it and also your strategies for coping with a potentially high calorie evening! It's good for you to still be able to join in long term with these sorts of regular social events. You could always save up say 100 cals a day during the week for your Fridays.Sounds like you are doing well, onwards and downwards :) Best wishes.


That's a much improved post from last Saturday ☺ Your eating under control and calories not bad at all ☺ very well done Janpes

It's important to accept and work with these regular events and your planning paid off ☺

Have a lovely weekend


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