Discovered the 8 hour diet

I had read about intermittent fasting before but never bought into it as I always believed like a lot of people that having breakfast was very important to start the day off and to stop you feeling hungry. Well I can't believe it but have been following the 8 hour diet this week (got a book by David Zinczenko on eBay) and have dropped 4lbs and it's only Friday! It has been so easy I start eating at 11am in the morning and make sure I have all my meals by 7pm each day. It gives your body a fasting rest of 16 hours and kickstarts your metabolism into taking energy from fat stores in the body. No calorie counting! You can also do the 8 hours whatever times you like and suits your lifestyle. I have even had chocolate 😋 . Also you do not have to do it every day, 3, 5 or 7 days a week to get results. Worth a go, certainly hope it continues for me, I am the lowest weight for months!


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6 Replies

  • Very happy that you have found a weight loss solution ☺ very well done

  • Thanks. May it continue!

  • May it continue! Thanks.

  • Sounds like it's working well for you😀

    I'm going to give it a look I've been reading a bit about intermittent fasting ( Michael Mosley ) and find the research really inspiring to give it a go. My main 'grazing' is evening so ready to rethink strategies lol


  • Yes I definitely would recommend it. It certainly has kick started my metabolism. Lost another 2 1/2lbs last week 😀

  • I first came across the idea of not eating late at night on "Trust Me, I'm a Doctor". Apparently your blood sugar levels rise after eating. If you eat late at night, they haven't gone down again by morning. Since seeing that episode I've tried to have my evening meal no later than 6pm. Breakfast is usually around 10am, sometimes later. I don't think of it as intermittent fasting. It's just my lifestyle now. And I have lost weight doing it. Not a huge amount (7 pounds in 2 months) but it's more than I expected.

    Regarding the importance of breakfast, recent research in the USA has shown that people lose more weight if they don't eat breakfast. Previous studies had relied on what people told them about their eating habits, which wasn't always accurate. This study monitored what people ate. It's possible that skipping breakfast results in a kind of 16:8 intermittent fasting.

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