4 weeks, trying hard, no results

I need help. 4 weeks of dieting (vegan), clean eating, drinking 1/2 my weight in oz of water each day, exercising (treadmill and outside walking) 3 miles 5 x week have not lost 1 lb.

No alcohol. I need to lose 15 -20 lbs and feel completely frustrated. Any thoughts? 🤔. I have been a vegetarian (some fish ) for many years...just recently trying Vegan because I thought eliminating dairy may help. Appreciate feedback.


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  • Have you checked your bmi calculator for calories and are you actually eating somewhere between this amount. This is important. When I first joined I wasn't losing any weight. Someone here who I think has finished and left said to me if you are not eating enough calories you will not lose any weight because your body feels like you are starving it and it then decides to turn any food you do eat into body fat to ensure it can keep going. Fat weighs more than calories so therefore you will put on weight. When I thought about this, I realised this probably was true because I had always been fatter than most people I knew that always ate loads, including my husband but I always ate less than all of them. I decided to try it and eat more to check it out and now I am eating more and finally losing weight. There is every chance you are eating the right amount of calories anyway, but thought it best for me to tell you, because there is every chance you might not be.

  • Thank you, so helpful

  • Have you checked your suggested calorie allowance on the NHS site? Maybe you're eating the right things but in too large quantities?

    My dear OH has just bought himself three bags of almonds for 'healthy snacks'. Each bag weighs 200g (1174 Kc) and he planned to eat a bag whilst he was out for a walk, on top of lunch/coffee and so forth. I'm not suggesting you're anything like as daft as him but see how easily portion sizes can be wrong!

  • I don't know what sort of protein you eat as a vegan, but I do know nuts are terribly high in calories! I have had to stop snacking on them altogether.

  • Hello Debjm1 ☺ and welcome to the forum ☺

    To lose 'weight' we need to consume less calories than we burn. However food quality is also important, as is exercise to tone and change our shape. By the sounds of it you are eating properly, but may need to tweak portions. Some knowledge of calories is needed here. Have a look at the Newbies post and the links to the 12 week plan, as well as bmi and target calories. ☺

    It's possible you have replaced fat with muscle, which means you are smaller but weigh the same. A tape measure or your clothes are a good guide. ☺

    Have a good look around the site and please ask if you have any questions ☺

    Best wishes


  • Thank you so much for your feedback, will do!!!!👍👍

  • hi. when i first started my new eating & exercise plan i didnt lose a 1lb for 6 weeks... i actually put on weight ! but then the weight started to come off slowly... but i took measurement and i had lost inches !... ive learnt to be patient now and not worry about what the scales say anymore as i know im a lot more healthier & fitter than i used to be !

    Just keep going x

  • Hi Debjm

    1.have you checked how many calories you should be eating a day on the NHS bmi checker? (it's best to stick to the lower number after week 2)

    2. Have you considered tracking your calories on my fitness pal (MFP)?

    3. Vegan diets involve a lot of carbs in order to get adequate nutrients are you consuming a lot of starchy carbs - rice, grains,potatoes etc? If so you may want to use MFP to track your carbs and sugars and to find a level that works for you (personally if I go over 45g carbs per day I don't lose weight- but that's just my carb sensitive body- some people can eat 160g carbs and they still lose)

    4. Are you getting adequate iodine and b12? Shortage of either, can impair your ability to lose weight.

    Just a few suggestions- I hope it helps - oh and lower carb vegan recipes can be found on "one green planet" website😃😃😃

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