It's a Special Day For Me Today

It's a Special Day For Me Today

Today is my first re-birthday. It's a bit of a tradition among some people who have been brought back to life following a cardiac arrest. We announce our re-birthday on Facebook and this is usually followed by a flurry of posts from people who have been there.

We celebrate because not many people survive cardiac arrests as someone has to start CPR within 4 minutes for there to be a chance of being brought back.

Then there is the 'down time' which has a bearing on what to expect when someone wakes up. Scary shit....I'm just happy to still be here :)

edited to add extra info after this issue came up in this thread

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34 Replies

  • Happy rebirth-day, Nancy :)

  • New to this group, I have just read through your posts Nancy and I have to say " what an inspiration" you are ...thank you for sharing your journey :)

  • Thanks so much for your kind reply. We don'y have to be alone on our journeys. I have noticed a fair few on this forum who have health issues that can get in the way of weight loss goals and they have all encouraged me to keep on track :)

  • I empathise with you Nancy having been through the same stuff myself.

  • As an afterthought, there is another community on HealthUnlocked "Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Heart Attack" that you may like to join.

  • Ooh thanks...I joined a while back but haven't dropped by in ages....ooops!

  • Are you in this community for weightloss Nancy? I have noticed that the more interactive you are with other members, the more you will get out of being a member yourself. The guys and gals are most helpful, motivating, sincere and great listeners. Hope you find what you are looking for. SE

  • I originally joined the thyroid group but soon realised that the weight loss was more important as losing weight will help with the heart related stuff. I check in for the weigh ins but don't have a great deal of time to social networking as I run my own business, am a full time carer and am recovering from the cardiac arrest from last year.

  • To be honest. I have lost count of the number of HAs I have had but the truth is, you never fully recover. However, you can put the odds in your favour by having a more holistic approach to life and having a positive attitude. I am not going to preach but I accept my own limitations and live within them. C'est la vie. Only the good Lord knows what will be, but in the meantime I thank those that patch me up and keep me going.

  • I've never had a heart attack. I had a cardiac arrest following an unexplained collapse at home with multiple organ failure. I had the cardiac in hospital while the staff were waiting for test results as they had no idea why I was so ill. I then spent several days in a coma. They still don't have any answers nor any medical support as there is currently no clear care pathway for SCA patients for the staff to put in place.

    I take each day as it turns up and enjoy what I have and who I have in my life.

  • Wow!

  • Wow - congrats on your 're-birthday' that's great! I'm glad you're still here to tell us your story, great stuff! ♥

  • Happy rebirth-day, Nancy :) Do your family and friends celebrate with you like on a regular birthday?

  • No family celebration as family members don't get why I want to celebrate so I am chatting with other SCA survivors who get the whole 'I was re-born' thing :)

  • I think it is completely obvious why you would celebrate! A re-birth may even be worthy of a bigger celebration than one's first entry into this world!

  • That's my thinking but family members are stuck in the 'she nearly died' frame of mind right now. Whether that will change in time I have no idea. I didn't want to share my chocolate cake anyway (I actually haven't eaten any ...maybe next week)

  • Happy re-birth day. Enjoy your day x😃

  • was our wonderful NHS who waited 30 years of fobbing me off before accepting that I had a faulty valve...then I was left for more than twelve hours on a trolley in a corridor while having multiple organ failure . Then the cardiac staff didn't know what to do with me and I had the cardiac arrest in front of them. A random bystander brought me back.

    Another time I think my best shot would be to go to the local railway station as the have a defibrillator there where the cardiac ward didn't.

  • Dear GosportNancy

    Happy 1st re-birth day! Thank you for sharing this very special day with us. As you are being good not eating chocolate cake, I would like to present you with an emojo 🎂 which you can share with everyone on health unlocked. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead and best wishes for the weight loss challenge.

  • Cheers for that. I will be sharing the chocolate cake with my Billy's Auntie Jacqueline when she drops by :)

  • Happy re birthday GosportNancy I hope you had a good one 😊😊

  • Happy re birthday

  • Happy re birthday .enjoy every moment

  • Hello Gosport Nancy, your story is a marvellous pick me up for a dreary Sunday morning. Dreary as in weather by the way. I'm listening to Desert Island Discs an Irish author and her fight against alcoholism and depression, worth hearing. She's Mary Ann Keys I'm not sure of my spelling. Had to laugh at your desire to go to the local railway station for a defibrillator, I'll bear that in mind. Hope the chocolate cake was good. A big celebration was absolutely obligatory. Good travelling through your days.

  • Hello Sonja12 are very welcome to the pick me up :) March last year was a very scary and worrying time for everyone around me but since I was in a coma for some of the time I missed all that drama..

    I am surprised and delighted to wake up in the morning to discover that I am still

  • Ooh I like Marian Keyes! Have you read her books? They're really good!

  • I just looked her up...and no I haven't read her books but then rarely read much except either books I read for work and the odd autobiography. I am currently listening to Spike Milligan's War Stories and and I have a list of psychology books on my Google cloud reader.

    I'm about to start a course on 'Food as Medicine' to help me fine tune my heart friendly lifestyle

  • I see I got the spelling wrong but people seem to know who I was talking about. I don't read much fiction either, apart from obligatory book group ones which are often good for all of us as they're not what we'd usually read, just finished Agnes Grey by Ann Bronte I think. Marian Keyes sounds as though she's surmounted some pretty nasty obstacles and those sort of stories lift me up, as yours did. Otherwise it's gardening, travel and am always on the look out for really good writing and there's a lot of that around. Food as medicine sounds interesting. Do you know of the book ' Age is just a number ' by Charles Eugster ? He's 97, extremely fit and has reinvented himself with the aid of a personal trainer of course, I haven't got one of those. You could probably Google him if you have time. A lovely day today, another good reason for being here to enjoy it.

  • No, I haven't but thanks for the tip

  • Hi Nancy ,

    Happy re birthday .

    And to loads more ,take care .

  • Happy Rebirthday. There was a similar theme with parkrun newsletter recently. A man had a heart attack while doing parkrun and had 10 mins of cpr. He completed his 50th bonus parkrun a few weeks ago. Its a big day. Go celebrate xx

  • I forgive whoever reported that this man had a heart attack as CPR is only used when the heart stops (cardiac arrest). He's done exceptionally well for achieving all he has though. Cardiac arrest and heart attack are often reported as being the same thing...although some heart attacks can lead to a cardiac arrest so he could have had both. I didn't have a heart attack....just went straight in and had a heart stopping moment as I never do things by halves :)

  • Sorry I think that was me getting mixed up. Its so good to hear positive recovery stories as its a frightening thing. X

  • Happy, happy re-birthday GosportNancy how wonderful to be here to tell us about it.

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