update to my journey


Decided to update my journey. I started this in January and now on week 9. Myweight at the start was 12 stone. I am only 5ft 2 so that meant i was overweight. I now weigh 10 stone 9 and really enjoying this new way of eating.I wonder if I can have a different badge now. I would really like to get down to 9 and a half stone so onwards and downwards .Thanks for all the inspiring post a great forum


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  • Why not ask for a 1 stone badge? :) That's what I do, every time I get into a new stone I request a badge with the number of stones lost! :D Well done on losing weight! I'm just about still in the 10 stones myself - I'm 10 stone 3lbs as of this morning (I'm less than 7lbs from that healthy BMI - 9 stone 11lbs!!!) I can't wait but I'm trying to maintain for a while so probably won't get there for a few months yet! :P

    Sazkia :)

  • you are doing well yes i will ask for my stone badge thanks

  • That's brilliant lynvardon. One of the admins is bound to give you a shiny 1 stone badge as soon as they catch up with your post.

    Good luck with your goal.

  • thank you yes that would be nice to have a shiny badge

  • Hi lynvardon

    Wow, you are doing great 1 stone 5lbs loss in 9 weeks is fantastic. Keep going and you will soon reach your target of 9 and half stone.

  • thank you i dont mind how long it takes just want to get to my goal then maintain thanks for the support

  • pllease can i have a 1 stone badge thanks

  • There you go lynvardon enjoy your new badge and well done.

  • thank you

  • thank you for the support

  • Wow, fabulous result! Well done lynvardon

  • thank you

  • Well done! That's fab x

  • thanks

  • Well done

  • hdwallpapers.in/thumbs/2016...

    Well done lynvardon ! I am only 4ft 9" so know how difficult it is for us shorties! I started at 14 stone and got to 9 stone 4lbs at my lightest. I'm hovering above 10 stone just at the moment.

    Whatever you are doing, keep on doing!

  • thank you .

  • Wow, that's really good!

  • Well done hun. I have found that any little weight gain is more noticeable on us smaller women than those taller which is really annoying lol.

  • yes so true but now want to make this the way forward

  • well done x

  • thanks

  • Iynvardon hi, I am new here and I am willing to loose atleast 2 stones. Can you give me few tips how to go about loosing weight? I've seen you done soo well and it would be great if you can help thanks.

  • Hi i am following the 12 week plan and do count calories .i do a lot of walking ie in my lunch break and in the evening. i try to make sure that i have 2 potions of veg at dinner and eat fruit for snacks. i also managed to cut sugar from my coffee and changed what i have for breakfast. i wa eating quire a lot of sugar in my cereal. Also i read food labels very cardefully. sorry its so long hope it give you some guidance have a good week

  • Hi

    I have just started this programme, and like you I am 5ft 1 and 12 st 2😕. Can I ask you how many calories you started on, and roughly your loss a week.

    I hope I can keep on track you have done really well 🎉


  • Hi I started on 1400 calories at first week 1 was a good weight loss . I then checked my weight and height using the bmi calculator on the 1st page. I increased to 1500 -1572 as suggested by that. I never go under 1400 as i dont want to put my body in starvation mode by not eating enough. I have not really stopped eating anything just dont snack in the evening,I hope that helps

  • Where is the 12 weeks plan? Can I have the link plz if it's possible?

  • Hi Shayla28, click on the 'Home' tab at the top and the 12 week plan will be on the bottom right of the home page. HTH. Good luck EJ

  • Hello Shayla28 and Camatty ☺ Welcome to the forum

    Spend some time looking around the site and please ask if you have any questions, but read this first ☺

    the Newbies post healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

    Best wishes


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