Pleased I've lost 11 lbs since Jan 1st

Pleased I've lost 11 lbs since Jan 1st

Really pleased I have managed to lose 11 lbs since Jan 1st 2017... slow and steady and still making sure I enjoy the journey ( I have a long long road) ... rather than focus on the goal... always interested to hear new yummy recipes that help to keep us spoilt if any one has some good standbys for those... I just wanna have something nice/tasty moments ,,, I would love to read them... Spring won't be long now..


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  • Hi Jpip,

    Congratulations on your weight loss since 1st January 2017 - that is really great!

    I am admiring the beautiful photo - is that your garden? I LOVE the colours - purple and lilac are favourite colours of mine, and your garden looks AMAZING!!!!

    Yes, I love hearing great recipe ideas too - it's good to get ideas. Will be keeping an eye out! There are lots of great recipes in the Topics sections too in the meantime. :-)

    Wishing you continued success.

    Zest :-)

  • Thank you... yes a corner of my garden last spring.. can't wait for this year... I love pinks, lilacs, purples... and have a reddish phase in the autumn., .pink roses in the summer... I love the garden whatever the season... really helps keep you cheery..

  • Well done, Jpip, I've awarded you your first weight loss badge to celebrate! :)

    Your garden is glorious, you should join YellowRose55's "Green Gym" challenge :)

  • Thank you that is wonderful..

  • What a gorgeous photo ☺ I was going to suggest a badge but moreless has beaten me to it 😁

    I had a yummy dinner tonight, a what i call a store cupboard curry ☺ a jar of asda curry sauce, Bhuna from the healthy range, poured over chopped onion, carrot, mushrooms and courgette. I added some quorn pieces and frozen spinach. the whole lot went in the oven with some jacket potatoes. It was very good and super easy ☺

    Best wishes


  • Sounds fab Anna... thank you

  • Well done on your weight loss Jpip, tonight I had salmon with hollandaise sauce with mediterranean couscous, it was really tasty. What did you have? Your garden looks very calming:)

  • I had grated (in machine) carrot, butternut squash, sweet potato, layered with an egg and finely chopped lean bacon, mushrooms and onions in a layer... with a layer of fresh spinach on the bottom and the sweet potato on the top... seasoning and a quick squirt of fry light on top... into the oven and it comes out crispy on the top and free on slimming world with just a point for the squirt of frylight ... yum yum yummiee My garden is beautifully calming... but often playful with my dogs... pics to follow another day...

  • That's awesome and something to be proud of -- seems the harder I try the more I weigh! LOL

  • Perhaps don't try soo hard Fran... I have been trying too hard getting nowhere for years literally just gaining weight... then I decided.. follow slimming world outline.. research the different health aspects of food and bloomingwell enjoy myself having some foods that I really like making sure to allow some points left for things that are special to me so that I don't get to feel deprived... and you know what it is working.. I planned on half a pound a week and have lost more like 1lb per week... just steady and enjoying the journey... there are limitations but only those in our imagination... don't despair my lovely just maybe take a stab at it from a different perspective... good luck to you

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