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Measurements v weighing


I've been on my weight loss journey for about 6 weeks now (lost 6lbs) and after a good loss the first week, the weight loss has been super slow. I am not overly concerned as I have been tracking my calories on MFP and going to the gym (C25K & weights). I have got a good 3 stone to get rid of so I know it's not going to be quick. My question is, is it better to weigh weekly or measure say every 2 weeks and weigh weekly. I know previously when dieting and exercising I have become disheartened due to slow weight loss but I think it might have been the exercise (muscle gain). Maybe I was loosing the inches but not seeing it on the scales?

Any experience of/advice appreciated.



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Hello gemini76

I weigh almost daily, it's just my way 😕 it varies such a lot that I plot an average over 3 days for weigh-in purposes. Once a month I plot my weight in a book and also use a tape measure. ☺

Interestingly, my weight has hardly moved in months what with Christmas and a recent holiday, yet I've lost inches and am wearing smaller clothes ☺

Hope this helps



Thanks for taking time to reply Anna. Gosh I couldn't weigh every day - I'd go mad lol! Everyone is different though. I think I will carry on with weekly weigh ins and measure once a fortnight and see how that goes. I am surprising myself with how much I am loving the gym at the moment. It's like I am having a mini competition against myself!

Thanks again for the reply.



It sounds plausible that it's coming off slowly due to muscle gain! I found when I did a 3 months "exercise on prescription" at the gym, years and years ago, I only lost about 3lbs total, however lost about 4-5 inches around my waist! Clothes were fitting differently, my body had changed, but the actual weight loss was nearly negligible.

I guess do whatever feels comfortable? I don't like to weigh myself weekly (since I'm terrified if I have a bad week and gain then I'll just undo all the good work getting depressed) so I'm weighing myself monthly, and I've decided I'm also going to take measurements on the same day and try to plot the progress. I'd imagine a weekly weigh and a fortnightly measure could work for you very nicely :)


Thanks CaptainRainbow for your reply. I think I'll go for weekly weigh ins and fortnightly measurements. See how I get on. My motivation is high and I am actually enjoying exercising for the first time in a long long time.

Thanks again


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