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Started regime on 1st September 2016. Weight 13 stone and being a vertically challenged 72 year old grandad was classed as overweight and pre-diabetic. Set myself the challenge of getting blood sugar and weight down. Took excellent advise from this site and read the Blood Sugar Diet book. Didn't follow the diet but heeded the advise. By end of November blood sugar levels normal . By second week in January BMI calculation showed me as "healthy" . Also got correct waist circumference to height ratio in good order I.e. Waist should ideally be half height or less. Set target for going on holiday tomorrow and met it today. Total loss 26 lbs. next target is to see a "10" on the scale and keep it there. Positives- feel great, jackets and shirts all button up. Negatives - all trouser too loose! I have not followed any "diets" as such and not done lots of calorie counting, just cut right back on the white stuff - bread, rice, spuds and pasta. It works. All good fortune to you all. YOU can do it - if I can so can you!


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10 Replies

  • Wow! Well done Robert!

  • Very good morning to you RobertR65 and what a fabulous post 😊😊😊

    Very well done and have a lovely holiday 😊

  • Well done that's fantastic 😆 x

  • Great to know that some simple changes make a big difference. Well done for sticking to it!

  • That's fantastic a very well done to you whoop whoop !! 🙂

  • Brilliant to read your success RobertR65

    Just goes to show that for some those starchy sugar rich carbs are the key to natural weight loss.

    Have a wonderful holiday :)

  • Well done. Enjoy your holidays. Great encouragement to the rest of us !

  • That's fantastic Robert, it really is but I'm guessing you know that already.

  • How fantastic, Robert, WTG you!! :)

    You've been very quiet and here you are with an amazing tale to tell! Thanks so much for sharing your story, it's very uplifting, motivating and inspiring for all of us!

    Wishing you all the very best with the rest of your journey and hope you see a 10 on the scales and some new trousers, very soon! :)

  • Hi RobertR65

    What a great inspiring post, your have done fantastic. 26lbs is a amazingly good loss. Thank you for sharing such an uplifting post.

    Enjoy your Sunday.


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