Throw me out of the club!

Over the course of 2016 I lost 20 pounds through healthy eating (virtually no processed food) running 5K a least three times a week and keeping my daily calories to around 1500 to 1800. I cut out sugar altogether (except that found naturally in fruit) and went from full fat yogurt to low fat fromage blanc - which I eat daily. I thought I had this cracked - I felt fit and at 9st 10lbs was at a weight I didn't want to go below. I joined Ruth_canal_runner 's maintence club as I know keeping my weight down is the most difficult task for me. I went off on a month's holiday at the end of January accompanied with my hand weights, running gear, pedometer and good intentions. While away I've not missed a run or done less than 10,000 steps a day, I've kept up my strength routine and even extended that to 30 minutes before each run. What I didn't do was keep my guard up! Full fat cheese here, a brownie there - no blow outs just too much stuff that tasted divine - I stopped writing down what I was eating - bad move. And the result - I've gain a HALF stone and now weigh 10st 5lbs! That old adage is so true you can eat anything you like or you can be slim. At 63 you'd think I'd have learned by now and not have to lose that half stone yet again. I'm so annoyed with myself but not giving up - today's it's back to healthy eating and keeping track of those calories!


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17 Replies

  • Your post sounds exactly like mine Mochta 😕 I'm 3 lbs up after 10 days away 😡😡😡

    But all we can do is get back to it 😊 Don't let those pesky pounds beat us 😊

    Onwards and downwards

  • Anna61 I am so annoyed with myself it takes so much effort to lose weight and putting it back on only involves pleasure!

  • I know!!! 😡😡😡

  • Most importantly Mochta you have acknowledged your slide and you're back here to do something about it. Great thing is you know exactly what to do to get that little bit of excess off again. Good luck. Xx

  • Thanks jopo I wish it felt like a little bit of excess however this morning after stepping on the scales it feels like a mountain to re-climb.

  • Hi Mochta, just remember to break it down into small steps again. You've done it before so just review all the principles that got you to where you were. You'll do it.

  • Thanks Tiggerr you're right I just need to get back on track! The sweet chestnut and foie gras velouté is now a distant memory back to simple food from today!

  • :) :) :)

  • The most important thing to remember here. Mochta, is that you've recognised the gain and are taking steps to reverse it. You also continued with your entire exercise routine and, indeed, increased it! I think that's admirable!

    Maintaining doesn't mean not gaining, it means watching and adjusting as necessary and that's exactly what you're doing! WTG you :)

  • moreless you are right of course it is about watching and adjusting - I'm never going to 'stick' at a magical number am I - it's all about being vigilant. Now I'm home there are no (less?) temptations so I should be able to get on with it - mind I can still taste those brownies!!!

  • It seems unfair that we have to work so hard to lose, even maintain, but a little of this and a little of that and wham! The weight has been gained. *sigh* :(

    Glad to read you're not giving up, good for you. :)

    Sazkia :)

  • Thanks for your words of encouragement Sazkia and it really was a little bit of this and a little bit of that - although we did eat out on six occasions which never helps. :)

  • lol I'm sure it didn't but these things happen when you're living your life! Good luck and I'm sure you'll be fine, you seem mindful to me so I don't think you'd let things slip too far! You've done really well and should be proud of what you have achieved so far! :D

  • I agree with moreless your membership is still valid. Maintaining is full of annoying fluctuations. It's not easy but the reward is health and fitness for life (whereas holidays are only occasional). Impressed with your exercise focus :) keep going :)

  • Thanks Ruth_canal_runner and maybe by the next maintainer's session I'll have dropped a little bit. Keeping focussed on exercise I find relatively easy - first it's only for about three and a half hours per week, you see results as your body becomes more toned and you feel the difference as your body adapts to lift more weight or run a bit longer. Healthy eating is fine but it can feel relentless perhaps that's why I really struggle to maintain ;)

  • Hello Mochta, sounds like a great holiday! I'm also maintaining and as you mentioned no one stays at exactly the same weight, virtually impossible, there will always be special meals, holidays. You did well with the exercise and the most important thing is recognising the need to just get back on track, those few extra pounds will soon come off, you can do it! Just get back to eating healthily at home again, keep the tempting stuff out of the house and you will be fine.

  • Hi Sailsalot thanks it was a great holiday and you're so right at home it is infinitely easier to eat healthily as the 'on holiday' head has gone and reality has returned, the NHS food and actively chart is back on my desk and being filled in daily...lunch has been an orange and porridge with raisins, dinner is smoked salmon, poached eggs and spinach.

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