The worst cravings!

Up until now I have had no problems with cravings at all and when I have had the slightest urge to eat something incredibly awful I can usually resist no problem.

This week my cravings have been on my mind 24/7, I want one of everything and then to do it all again! I have been feeling really unhappy and I'm wondering if my cravings are trying to act as comfort food. I had my usual weekly cheat meal but felt horrible afterward and today I have eaten the leftovers which I would usually just throw away to prevent temptation.

It's sort of getting me down that I can't just eat everything I want which sounds ridiculous but I find myself feeling upset that I can't indulge because I am naturally very very greedy and unhealthy!

For me, nothing works in controlling these cravings - drinking water, eating an alternative, distracting yourself etc.

I know it is a mental problem and I don't actually need this food but it's just a case of knowing I can't have it making me irrationally feel like I need it.

I was thinking of having a full on cheat day to just get rid of my cravings but I suspect this is a bad idea, not because it'll ruin my progress but because it won't get rid of the cravings!

Any advice? It's not like I am actually eating awfully all day it is just usually at night time the cravings come but the thoughts are controlling my head all the time.


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8 Replies

  • have you set yourself a goal and why you want to lose weight ? mine is to get off blood pressure tablets and be here for my kids.... whenever i think about cheating i think about why i am doing this and do i really really need that treat ? for the most part it works but sometimes you just have to give in to it otherwise you crave it more and feel deprived !

  • My goal is to be fitter and feel like I look good but the problem that comes with wanting to eat food is that it fights against my aspirations. I start having thoughts like "I would be happier if I could just eat what I want" but obviously know that's not the case.

  • I feel much the same way about food. Remind yourself that you won't be happier once you've eaten the food you crave - if you're like me you'll feel worse once the instant 'hit' of satisfying the craving has worn off. I end up feeling ashamed and annoyed at myself that I ate something so nutritionally void and preventing myself reaching my goals! Usually giving in to one craving makes me feel like I can give in to another and I end up spiralling into a massive binge eat!

  • Are you calorie counting aliii. I really can't cut anything out as I then just crave it, so I count in what I want. Knowing I am allowed it if I really want it, often makes me able to walk away and I find I'm eating far more healthily. Some people count in a treat of chocolate, wine, crisps everyday. I'm not sure a full on cheat day is the answer. You have been doing something right, maybe just have one thing that you are craving in a 'sensible' way. good luck

  • Hi Aliii

    I lost my weight using the 5:2 eating plan. Like you, if I think I can't have something, I want it more. I find 2 non-consecutive days of 500 calories is doable because I know I can eat normally the following day. I also found that I ate better on non-diet days and had less cravings. Good luck with your weight loss, once you find the best way for you it will be all onwards and downwards.

  • Hi :) I have been having a craving crazy this last week too! Normally I haven't even been tempted and then suddenly I want random stuff! For me I think it's happened this week where I have had something much sweeter than usual and then get a sugar dip which makes me want more. Recognition of what I'm doing helped me have a few bits, be mindful and stop. Also accepting it's a pit stop on a long road and not letting me think " its ruined everything." Back on track - fingers crossed.

  • Perhaps you are denying yourself too much. I have used a book titled Overcoming Weight Problems. It isn't a diet book but uses well proven CBT strategies which you might find helpful on your weight loss journey an d with the cravings. Don't beat yourself up over this. Daisy

  • i just want to eat constantly, i eat healthy stuff but i run out of cash before next payday. :(

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