Calculating burnt calories

6 weeks into my lifestyle change and I'm only just starting to do any exercise outside of what I do at work.

So yesterday I went for a bike ride. I don't have any technology (at the moment) so instead, I plugged my route into a website and it said that I'd burnt just over 400 cals. After further investigation I've found that almost every website or chart shows a different calorie burn. In this particular case, one site said 650+.

I've used ones that take into account your effort level and your current weight.

Can someone point me towards a site/method that will come up with 'the right' answer? Is there a right answer?



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5 Replies

  • Thr right answer has to be not to eat all those calories you've earned! (Well done, by the way!)

  • Thank you Tt, I completely agree but I was hoping to take a slice/nibble/bite or portion from the deficit. :)

  • If you calculate your recommended calorie intake using the NHS BMI calculator, that takes into account your level of activity, in advance, so no need to try and guesstimate what you're 'burning' :)

  • Go for it, ewillday!

  • Its a well done from me, Ive just done a bus, shop, walk home (1 hour walk), I can do it just want what does not exist! M O T I V A T I O N medication, I know I know, that's what I'm supposed to know, right, my mantra of priorities for the foreseeable future: (1) daily calorie control, by having a good and safe menu each day, (2) Incorporate extra exercise, such as swim, long walk, yoga at least 3 times a week.(not easy for anyone) Anything else I achieve on a daily basis, a bonus!(my 5th week), weigh Wednesday :)

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