Fitbit or pedometer?

Hi folks, I did actually write a post last night to announce my arrival - my welcome email has only just arrived!

Last night I finished reading the 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet book by Dr. Michael Mosley. Interesting science but sticking to the diet itself might be more of a challenge! I also have Anthony Worrall Thompson's 'G.I. Diet' book which I followed once, with good results, then had a 'relapse' about 18 months ago, and started eating more high G.I. foods again.

I exercise daily, at the moment only walking; 20 minutes twice a day, with the dog.

I'm wondering how many contributors to this site use a fitbit, or at least a pedometer to keep track of activity/calorie burn-off. Thanks.


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7 Replies

  • I love my Fitbit. I have got the most basic one and have it linked to my computer but you can have an app on a smart phone. It is a great motivator and you can track steps, miles weight, nutrition and even sleep patterns. The accuracy doesn't matter so much as being able to compare changes over time. In 6 weeks I have lost 1 stone in weight. I have been counting and recording my calorific input. Eat Less/Move More is the basic plan although I am being careful to have a balanced diet with good carbohydrates and fats included. Good Luck. Daisy

  • Daisy, thank you very much. As I've said to moreless already, I'm not very good with new-tech stuff so I'm a bit worried about whether I'd be able to use it effectively enough to get my money's worth from it! They're not cheap, are they?

    Well done with your weight loss! Once I realised I had a problem I lost 7lb really quickly just by not eating between meals! I really don't know whether I'll be disciplined enough to count calories so will probably go for Anthony Worrall Thompson's GI diet.

    Eat less/move more - simple but effective, with the right sort of carbs and fat! Thanks again for your input.

  • I think you'll find that a lot of us use exercise trackers, btb and if you look at the Topic "Gadgets and Gizmos, it'll give you a good indication of how many and what they use :)

    I personally, have never had any success with pedometers and now own a Fitbit and a Garmin, but there are heaps of different ones on the market, so it's a case of looking around and seeing what's right for you :)

    Good luck! :)

  • Thanks moreless, just a bit concerned about the cost of fitbits, and whether, as a technophobe I would be able to work one! But I will take your advice and look at the 'Gadgets and gizmos' thread.

    Thank you.

  • There's no doubt that Fitbits are expensive, but from one technophobe to another, they're easy peasy to use! :D

  • I'll be on your case if I get stuck then!

  • LOL!! :D

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