Interesting Low Carb Dopamine diet from Chef Tom Kerridge on Sunday Brunch

Yesterday I was watching Sunday Brunch and noticed how slimmed down Tom Kerridge was. I have always enjoyed watching his programs as he shows how to cook food that tastes good, but I did think some of the recipes were a bit too rich.

He is now promoting what he calls Dopamine Diet.

The basic idea seems to be to reduce the amount of carbs in your diet but using recipes that are really tasty so that you don't even notice that the dish has fewer carbs. i think this could work for me as I am already trying to reduce my carb intake and this concept may help.

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  • It seems probable that the most important part of his diet was cutting out the booze and sugar. When you do that you are bound to lose weight.

    It sounds like an ok food plan to follow, but the amount and type of carbs we may need can vary from individual to individual. Low carb may work for some but not others, I have found that moderately low complex carbs work best for me.

  • Hi Penel, what foods do you have for moderately complex carbs ?

  • Hi Lizzie, I think I should have said "moderately low amounts of complex carbs"! I eat sweet potatoes and other root vegetables and instead of wheat or barley I eat buckwheat, in various forms. Also some legumes, nuts and seeds. Perhaps have a look at a list of complex carbs and decide which ones you could eat.

  • Ok thanks for that!

  • I like all the foods he mentions except anchovies and already incorporate most into my diet, inc. 50 g chocolate after dinner on a Saturday evening. It is as important to enjoy what you eat as eat healthily as otherwise you won't stick to it. I'm just glad that I have gone right off crisps.


  • Bought his book and it is very interesting. He has lost 11 stones. I have used a couple of recipes (I read recipe books rather than novels!) and have just changed a couple of the ingredients especially when he uses cream, butter and lots of oil. Some good inspiration for developing recipes.

    It has certainly worked for him though.

    Jamie Oliver has also lost quite a bit of weight and his "superfood" books are interesting and not really about labelling foods a superfoods.

  • Just ordered his book from Amazon along with a Carb Counter book, for less than £12.00 delivered. I am hoping for some inspiration from a chef rather than a dietician. Low carb diets have worked for me in the past, though like others, I need to find a sustainable long term solution.

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