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Please help?!?!

So, my first week has been horrendous!

I have had a few good moments but tbh I have been bad!!!! I know I've out weight on, and I just can't figure out what to eat and be strong enough not to crave.

I need a healthy lifestyle, not a diet, and I'm really struggling.

Please help?

I'm in such a rut, never been this big before and can feel myself slipping worse and worse!

Eve xx

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Hi Eve, your angst is obvious and I'm sorry you're finding this such a challenge.

What method are you following? Have you looked at the NHS 12 week plan? If not, myself and many others here would definitely prod you in that direction.

Its good that you've posted your feelings and a strong step forwards.

Please don't call yourself 'bad'. My guess is that there are few people here (if anyone) that hasn't had difficult times and some of them for long periods at a time but what I've noticed is that they keep on battling. If it were easy then we wouldn't be here.

Take heart in the times that you do well and accept that there will be difficult days.

Good luck and do shout out again.


ZombieHunter99 Hi there, Have you looked at what calorie amounts you should be taking on the NHS bmi index. The amounts it tells you between you should be eating it is important that you do eat between them. I never used to I always ate less than it told me. I never seemed to lose any weight. I then was told to eat at least this amount and anywhere in between then and have very often lost some weight. Altogether since November when I started, I have lost a stone. I did add 4lbs at Xmas and this week I did stay the same as last week, but at least I have lost weight the rest of the time. It is still better than losing none.


Hi, if you know what you have been eating that you shouldn't have then it is easier to know what to do than if you had been 'good' all the time. You can do this if you are more disciplined about it. The question is... do you want it enough? If so, good luck you can do it!

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You are totally right, it is about lifestyle change, not just a diet. Guess everyone has different ways of dealing with craving, so below are just how I do it:

1. Soup is good, most low in calories and help you fill full for a while

2. Protein is more filling too, boiled eggs are my kinda snack, for extra flavour, crack eggshell but do not remove it, leave boilled eggs in hot water and add in spices you live. Leave overnight you flavoured boiled eggs

3. When I really have a craving for some unhealthy food, I just go for it, but in smaller portion, write down calories so I can stay on target. I don't ban any food, I know to me it'll only make me want it more


Hi Zombiehunter,

just came across your post and have to agree; the NHS 12 week plan is a no fuss, no frills and fad free kind of plan that you can stick to indefinitely and it's certainly worked for me. I would just say keep on trying and only make small changes at a time so that you can get used to a new lifestyle a bit at a time. Doing it all at once can be a bit of shock. The cravings do go if you stick with it and it's all worth the effort. Good luck x


Hello ZombieHunter99 I'm so sorry you are feeling so despondent 😕 The first few weeks really are the most difficult as you have so much to learn. But Rome wasn't built in a day and if its a lifestyle change your needs to practice ☺

Have a read of this, it may help


Best wishes


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Bless your heart, you're not alone. Look at your portion sizes rather than counting calories. Are you eating too much? We kid ourselves sometimes by thinking we've only eaten our 3 square meals, when in actual fact, we have eaten 6. If you must pile your plate, then do it with more protein than carbs. If you look at your plate and see too much food on there then say to yourself, I wonder how much exercise I will have to do to get that extra potato off etc. If you are a stay at home person, then just think to yourself that you will not starve by cutting back as you can always help yourself to a healthy snack later if you still feel hungry. Distract yourself from thinking of food ( I went into town today just before lunch). If it is evening then try pampering yourself by having a luxury bubble bath, a makeover or anything else that makes you feel good. Don't beat yourself up if you don't succeed the first time. I always gave myself a little talk if I had a bad day ( why did I eat that extra thing? Have I got problems? Will eating more food make my problems go away?) I would then find the answers I was looking for and realise that I was a good person and I wasn't a failure. I don't believe in dieting either as you put it all back on when you come off the diet. Good luck on your journey and let us know how you get on.

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Thank you so much! This is amazing! It's so nice to hear that others have struggled just as much! Xx

Thank you! I believe I've found my motivation slightly more this week and, although I am struggling slightly still I know I will be able to push myself the more I try and believe. Xx


As you can see ZombieHunter99 you have come to a very supportive forum and have already had lots of good advice and I can see you are already feeling more positive. Keep posting when you need help, there's always somebody here to offer support. Good luck with your journey downwards.


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