Good start to the week

Feeling positive and happy, just completed an hours work out😅 I have been using the NHS work out. Today I have done the warm up, legs, bums and tums and cardio, those burpees are going to take a while to master though! I have also ran up and down the stairs 10 times and done 15 minutes on the exercise bike. I have had support from Poppy the dog, with licks and fanning from her tail lol. We will be doing a 20 minute walk together at lunch time and then 45 minutes tonight. Off for a shower, breakfast and out to work. Have a good week everybody😃


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4 Replies

  • Wow, what a lot of energy! We would love to know what motivates you? We could all do with a bit of what you have.... Hope all your effort shows on the scales too.

  • Morning DartmoorDumpling, love the name😊 Fear has motivated me today. I have had an incredibly bad weekend, lots of family round celebrating daughter's birthday and 2 of her Auntie's as well. I fell well and truly off the wagon and have put weight back on as would be expected. If I can maintain at Fridays weigh in I will be a very happy lady. This is the beginning of my 3rd week. I think if I had been further into the programme I would have had more restraint. Never mind, what is done is done and I'm going forward with positivity. Thank you for replying, will be so happy when I can wear a badge with pride😀

  • Well done for "balancing the books" with the exercise - I suppose every indulgence has it's price, especially in calories expended!

  • thank you for the support DartmoorDumpling, it means an awful lot. Off to do a 4 hours cleaning now, I should sleep tonight!

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