my weekly stats from fitbit

my weekly stats from fitbit

To help me monitor my progress and see how I'm improving week by week.. here is my 7 day summary from fitbit for the last week.

I weigh18st 1lb now and have been pushing myself every week for the last couple of months to move more and get more steps each week.

Thankyou to my fitbit friends for keeping me moving lizzy65 lismcl nteapea Gill3000 your the best x

I definately recommend anyone starting exercise to get some sort of fitbit as they definately make you move more.

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19 Replies

  • Great job Claz 👍

  • Love my fitbit, keeps you moving !

  • you can join our weekly fitbit challenges jopo if you fancy it..

  • Nobody asked me! 🤧🤧🤧🤧😭😢

  • you know your always welcome... .. but think you said you were already in some challenges with other people already... msg me your email address and I will add you as a friend.

  • It's fine! Am only joking. You are way too active for me yet! I might join in later when I am doing more x

  • haha... the offer is always open x

  • Come on EllaMidlands

    you know you want too !! :)

  • Love to !! :)

    How do I find that Claz


  • I am enjoying the challenges, but definitely the one doing the fewest steps. But have spent hours doing my sons business tax return the last three weekends. It will be submitted today (deadline looming!). So I will be able to get more steps in and try and compete against you all. It definitely motivates you.

  • Gill3000 your still moving every day.. we can see that on the challenges.. just keep going.. I dont think we'll ever beat lizzy65 but we can keep trying !

  • I know ... one day we all might surprise lizzy65 😜

  • Thanks Claz, its all about helping each other out and making an effort to move more. This fitbit is good at telling me to get moving if I sit for too long. I am also trying to lose weight, have two stone to lose, not going very well at the moment.

    All the best to you x

  • Liz you do an amazing amount of steps per day.. your steps are what I want to be doing one day !

  • I find it easy walking my dogs, it is surprising how the steps build up. I have some beautiful walks where I live (except for this afternoon, it is pouring so not walked so far).

    You will get there, roll on summer x

  • I did 30000 more steps last week than usual! And I still didn't beat Liz 😂

  • Wow great stats,i am starting slowly.I set my fitbit for 5000 steps and will try and build from there.Can you share what you do with others using Fitbit?

  • Hi claz I love my fit bit too I have only had it a week but I love seeing how far I'm walking and try to beat it the following day . I set mine hoping to do around 6 miles a day and one day I managed 13 miles around 30,000 steps.l have always walked most days as I'm retired now and it's a good way of passing time also I can get a bit depressed in the winter months and walking makes you feel good .At Christmas I was 11 stone 9 now I am 10 stone 12 I started dieting on the 20th of Jan .

  • Hi Heidipop

    We must have missed your post. We have a fitbit group, it's all people from the weight loss group here. We don't know each other but share a love of our fitbits and a desire to lose weight and get healthy. Our challenges definitely help keep us all active and its just a tiny bit competitive :)

    I don't know how the techco works but if you want to join us then Claz can help you out. :)


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