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Weigh in Second Week :)

YEAH!!! This is the end of my second week, I've got some good news as I got weighed today and I have lost 6lb in 2 weeks. Although I do a lot of exercise I was only losing the inches and not the actual weight. I have lowered my calorie intake and eat smaller portions, however, I do have a chocolate biscuit such as a club, rocky or KitKat and the odd packet of crisps over the past 2 weeks. These next 2 weeks I am going to try and eat healthy snacks rather than hitting the biscuit tin. Any recommendations are very welcome...have a great weekend... :)

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Hi MJ, congrats, I note your start weight and height, same as me. I wonder what dress size I will be by April 10, when I hope to be 15 stone, lost 12 lbs,so far,on wk 4 :)


Hi ary, you are doing well, I hope I can keep losing a bit at a time...I would like to be around 13.8 by August...going to a wedding. I would like to be a comfy 14 to 16... :)

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That's excellent news MJboop68 ☺ very well done ☺ You are anxiously doing all the right things

I wouldn't worry about trying to reduce your calories any further, 3lbs a week is enough weight to lose. Any faster and you will lose body mass not fat. ☺

Have a good week

Best wishes



Well done MJboop68 you will be able to claim a badge soon. Your 3 lb a week is great. Keep going. 😃


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