Strange sweet binge

Yesterday I found myself buying and eating chocolate and sweet snacks for no clear reason!!!🤔😧 needless to say they didn't warm me up or make me feel good.

Hopefully I'll remember that next time temptation strikes. Have picked myself up and am off to the gym shortly and am determined to be back on track today hoping my next weigh in isn' t too badly affected.

I've been working on getting my weight down for 5 months now and have been going along steadily so I surprised myself by my actions yesterday. Has anyone else done something similar?


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6 Replies

  • Yes I have but as long as you pick yourself back up the next day it won't do any harm with your weigh in its only if the next day never come !!!! I'm on track at the moment struggled after Xmas just not mentally focused but now I am I be determined when I'm good I'm good when I bad but my motto noe is if you can't be good be careful!😀have a good gym session you will then have forgotten about yesterday x

  • Thanks for wise words. Think my version of being careful yesterday was at least to count the calories I'd eaten!! I'd never have done that before also I would probably have given up for a few days, today is a new day and I had a good gym session.

  • Hi Yes guilty😢 and I don't think there are many people on the forum who won't have succumbed at some point or other.

    I think these 2 months are the worst if we have managed to get over Christmas calorie wise the nights are dark and long it's cold and rainy and the tempting feel good foods are close if we let them but you have pulled yourself up so that's brill take your frustration out at the gym and good luck for next week. 😊👍

  • Thanks, this forum is wonderful as there is always someone who understands😊❣️Good luck for you too.xx

  • why not: next time temptation strikes satisfy that sweet craving with a caramel snak a jacks?

  • Oh yup this is my downfall!! I can be good then it just takes one bad moment and Im sitting with a bag of Caburys buttons in my hand..oh and it would be a big bag!!!!

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