A testing day

I'm sat in bed and very pleased that I have got through the day without going off the rails. My daughter has come home for a few days so that we can have some time together. She and her husband are doing up their first home and she wanted to get some things for the house. Somehow every shop we went in seemed to have sweet isles, that she 'needed' to look at. How I resisted the temptation for chocolate I do not know - the thought of weighing in tomorrow I think. We had lunch out and I managed to find a sandwich for 226 calories, and I admit to buying popcorn in M & S and eating one small bag for 127 calories. Because we have been out and not around the house I haven't eaten as I normally would and have to say it's the first day I have felt really hungry. Although, lovely to spend the day with my daughter, I have to say it has been a very trying one, but I have proved to myself today I do have some will power to 'walk away from the chocolate'.😇


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9 Replies

  • Well done on having so much willpower!!!!

  • thank you nanashon, long may it continue!

  • Wait... stop press... what sandwich was it for only 226? I have never found one so low. Well done for resisting all the temptations around you!! Good luck for your weighin.

  • Thank you EllaMidlands, We were in Waterstones and I found a small mozzarella and ham toastie, I have to say it was very nice, but it was small. It's amazing when you look at the calorific values of food when your out. If we made the same or similar sandwiches at home they wouldn't be anywhere near as high.

  • Well done, damage limitations sound like they are firmly in place! You can do it 🌼

  • Thank you Folliegirl, I just have to survive the next few days, my daughter doesn't go home until Sunday. We are celebrating her birthday on Saturday with a chinese takeaway, will definitely have to do some damage control after that!!!

  • You can have the takeaway but just don't eat so much the rest of the day. You got to enjoy occasions like that.

  • Please bear in mind that focussing on low-calorie=low energy food tends to result in hunger. The answer is to eat balanced meals of real food; 10% protein, 30% low Gi carbohydrate, 60% natural fat (including body fat used).

    Hunger is not a pre-requisite for weight loss, in fact it's counter-productive.

  • Having been doing this for a month now Concerned , I have a greater understanding of your post. I have definitely discovered that protein at breakfast keeps me full longer and apart from that one day I don't think I have ever felt really hungry, although I do have some hunger pangs occasionally around the time of my evening meal, but these I find encouraging as I can't honestly say I have felt them for years - it's quite a novelty!

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