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I need to lose a lot of weight,i will soon be 63 years old and i have took early retirement.My biggest problem is that i am a very poor eater,for example i cant stand soup of any description,the same goes for cheese and there are not many veggies i like.The only fish i like is cod or haddock so i am quiet limited in what i have,hoping for some good ideas on this forum.

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Hi brads27,

I've been doing this for 3 weeks now and in the main I am eating no differently to how I was before. Went out for a steak and chips last Thursday. What has really changed is the quantity. I'm following the NHS 12 week plan and basically counting calories (albeit in a potentially OCD way).

I only used to eat in the evenings but now I eat 3 times a day and that does seem to help.

I used to drink ridiculous amounts but counting the calories has forced me to minimise that side of my behaviour.

And saying all that, I've still had days when I've failed to maintain my calorie levels (occasionally disastrously) but at the end of each week my weight has been reduced.

Good luck, however you decide to proceed.


I used to drink way too much but now I have cut it right down,i went for a drink yesterday,and the next time could well be a few months away,i must start getting up earlier and have breakfast,then lunch and later dinner.


Hello brads27 welcome to the forum ☺

Have a good look around especially at the Newbies post ☺


You have some very good advice there from Tiggerr

We are a very friendly group so please ask if you have any questions ☺

Best wishes


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