Unplanned social eating = calorie anarchy!

Oh dear! Not doing so well this week. Monday was compromised by my being out at lunchtime and not having taken lunch with me. So my choices were very limited and I opted for fish pie - it was excellent, but I could tell that this was partly because there was quite a lot of butter in it. And, inexplicably, the only vegetable side on offer was fried greens! Managed to avoid that, but as my lunch is normally homemade soup and fruit, I knew I was going to be over my calories for the day.

Then yesterday, I met a friend for coffee and made the mistake of not having breakfast before we met, so I had the most massive fruit scone ever for breakfast with the coffee, and compounded this with snacking on fruit and nuts that I had taken with me - “just to keep me going”, until I got home and could have my soup. Unfortunately, this was not until about 3.30, as I had gone to an exercise class on the way back, by which time I had finished all the fruit and nuts.

In the evening, off to my book club, after a calorie counted meal from M&S (phew, that was easy!), but picked at yet more fruit and nuts and nibbles over a couple of glasses of wine. And then, worst of all, I got home and managed to find three chocolate snowmen left over from Christmas…..

Looking back now, I can see that the two days were a perfect storm of unplanned eating! But lesson learned - it is not yet (if it ever will be) the case that my eating choices will automatically be healthy ones! In particular, I need to plan ahead for social eating so that if I do indulge, it is deliberate and is balanced out by other choices in the day.

But hey-ho - today is a new day! I’m having breakfast before I leave home, taking soup in a flask for lunch, and a couple of clementines for a mid-morning snack!

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2 Replies

  • Every minute is an opportunity for a fresh start, Dietbunny and you've grabbed your minute :)

    Planning is definitely key to success, so you've got it nailed for today, however, I'm beginning to think we'll never be cured, we'll always be recovering eataholics ;)

    Keep up the great work, you're doing brilliantly! :)

  • Thanks moreless - I appreciate your support!

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