Protein for Breakfast

I used to eat cereals for breakfast, then ended up absolutely ravenous half way through the morning (and with temptation all around at work, it was often difficult to resist the biscuits, cakes and sweets). I have recently started eating much more protein instead of cereals - eggs, salmon, avocado and prawns, even a bit of bacon and some beans - my favourite being scrambled eggs and a bit of smoked salmon. This has resulted in keeping me fuller for a lot longer and I am no longer snacking (or moaning about not being able to have snacks) in between meals. So many 'breakfast' foods seem not to be suitable at all for breakfast!


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8 Replies

  • Well done, sounds like you are doing really well. The only thing that keeps me going until lunch is a bowl of porridge with a squidge of honey on it. I snack on fruit or raw veg in between. Actually having scrambled eggs for tea! Keep up the good work!

  • I agree, I often eat eggs for breakfast. A lot of cereals are not very healthy, neither is white toast with jam. I think it is time to rethink breakfasts.

  • I try and ring the changes. Eggs in all shapes and forms, as I keep hens, so always have an abundant supply, but also porridge with blueberries is a favourite, and high cal but delicious is luxury fruity muesli with half a banana on top. The least filling is the muesli, I find. Funny when it has the highest calorie count!

  • agree, all those cereals and breads and jams are packed with sugar and even if you are not diabetic sugar will spike insulin which is the fat storage hormone, eggs and bacon, avocado and cheese and as you say smoked salmon will keep you full up till lunch time, having a snack mid morning will just spike that insulin again just when it had settled down, i am never hungry in the mornings and 'having' to eat breakfast was very hard for me now it is a cup of black coffee and lunch/brunch at 11.00.

  • Sounds lovely. My fav is scrambled egg and smoked salmon . On days when I am on an early shift ( I start on the floor at 7 am ) and I don't have time or the will to cook I have found the weetabix with extra protein with a bit of fruit lasts quite a long time as well

  • I absolutely agree, protein is far more sustaining. Do you have any carbs for brekkie or do you just have the protein? Must admit, I LOVE having a bit of carb - we often have just half a slice of toast....

  • I agree ☺ although I do like my porridge but I put nuts and seeds in it, with a mashed banana ☺

    If I have time I like to make a brunch at lunchtime similarto your suggestions ☺

    Although we need to have a calorie deficit to lose weight some foods just fill you up better ☺

    Glad you are enjoying your food ☺

  • Hi Anna, what nuts and seeds do you put in your porridge? I love blueberries in my porridge but was thinking nuts would be a good protein to go in too ? 😊

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